Abstract classes vs. interfaces in Java

Abstract classes and interfaces are plentiful in Java code, and even in the Java Development Kit (JDK) itself. Each code element serves a fundamental purpose: Interfaces are a kind of code contractwhich must be implemented by a concrete class. Abstract classes are similar to normal classes, with the difference that they can include abstract methods, … Read more

Using the Decorator Pattern to Auto-Instrument .Net Classes With Otel Tracing | by Roni Dover | Jun, 2022

How decorators can help keep OpenTelemetry tracing instrumentation DRY Image by author .NET has definitely embraced OpenTelemetry in its recent releases. Its support for defining traces and spans using the built-in System. Diagnostics classes greatly simplify the task of instrumenting code. My only nitpicky complaint about the .NET implementation is the terminology confusion it manages … Read more

python – Cant import other classes from circular import

I am trying to make a game about being the president, and I have cards for actions you can do. I need to make the cards do stuff, so I am refreshing the screen and changing global variables, but it throws this: Traceback (most recent call last): File “C:UsersFobPycharmProjectsPresidentmain.py”, line 1, in <module> import cards … Read more

Python’s “functions” are sometimes classes — Python Morsels

Trey Hunner 10 minute read • Works on Python 3.7—3.10 If you search course curriculum I’ve written, you’ll often find phrases like “zip function”, “enumerate function”, and “list function”. Those terms are all technically misnomers. When I use terms like “the bool function” and “the str function” I’m implying that bool and str are functions. … Read more

ios – Why isn’t the count of an array of classes becoming greater than 50 when using Yelp Fusion API? Related to a second URLSession.shared.dataTask Swift

I’m trying to add classes that contain business data of a business to a list (array) that hold these classes when the limit of the total number of businesses for an initial API “Search” endpoint request using the Yelp Fusion API is greater than greater 50, where I use the limit of 50 in the … Read more

kotlin – kotlinx-serialization not generating serializer in companion of classes annotated with @Serializable

I’m currently trying to create a parent class that can be serialized but has no own attributes. (They will be added in the inheriting classes) For some reason there is no serializer()-method being generated. I checked the following things: The companion-object-class is available in the jar but is empty. No class header or anything. Just … Read more

java – JAXB – Unmarshalling of abstract classes (InstantiationException)

I know, that it might seem that this question is a duplicate of this one: InstantiationException during JAXB Unmarshalling (abstract base class, with @XmlSeeAlso concrete sub class) However, it is slightly different: We are using the maven-jaxb2-plugin to generate our Java-classes from xsd-files. You can find them here. In our pom we are using the … Read more