ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘click’

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python – How to locate and click on next button on Gettyimages

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flutter – FirebaseMessaging.instance.getInitialMessage return null message when I click on notification

I use Firebase messaging in my Flutter app , when I click on the notification background , I want to go to another specific screen so FirebaseMessaging.instance.getInitialMessage() triggered but message returns null . And for foreground notification I use onMessageOpenedApp when I click on the notification , onMessageOpenedApp doesn’t trigger . Here is the object … Read more

javascript – How can I simulate a click on Highchart

I need/want to test the click on plotOptions with Jest in Highcharts React: plotOptions: { pie: { allowPointSelect: true, cursor: ‘pointer’, dataLabels: { enabled: true, format: ‘<b>{}</b>: {point.percentage:.1f} %’ }, point: { events: { click: (e) => { props.setCompanyIdInUsersStore(; return navigate(PATH_USERS); } } } } }, This is a part of DOM got from Jest: … Read more