5 operations every cloud architect should automate

The cloud offers many benefits to a company’s modern application development process. One of the most significant benefits is the ability to automate critical actions that traditionally have required manual steps. Automation is perhaps the single most significant advantage of using the cloud. Cloud architects thrive in their roles by taking advantage of automation wherever … Read more

AiDot Cloud Service: Home security made smart

There was a time when installing a security camera system in your house was quite an expensive and tedious task. In addition to setting up wires all around the house, it involved setting up the DVR and providing internet — all of which were fairly costly and time-consuming. However, thanks to technological advances, home security … Read more

Why Wasm is the future of cloud computing

Wasm may just be the most important emerging technology that you’ve never heard of. Ok, maybe you’ve heard of it. It’s important! Shorthand for WebAssembly language, Wasm was developed for the web. However, Wasm technology has expanded beyond the web browser. Now organizations are starting to run Wasm on the server side. For example, my … Read more

The 7 Rs of cloud app modernization

When someone says they want to modernize an application for the cloud, what exactly do they mean? Users have one perspective: They hope modernization brings improved experiences, higher reliability, faster performance, and, ideally, more frequent feature deployments. Architects, software developers, and devops engines have different answers as to what app modernization means. That’s because there … Read more

3 primo cloud gigs in 2023

The question I get asked most often asides, “What is cloud computing?” is “What career path should I take in cloud computing?” I get it. Like almost everyone in the world, you know that the cloud job market is on fire right now. You want to strike while the iron is hot. The explosion of … Read more

The cloud has a people problem

In tech, we like to pretend that every problem can be solved by throwing hardware or software at it. We assume insights will magically appear from data if we apply the brute force of algorithms and servers. We believe applications can blithely flit from cloud to cloud through “single panes of glass” and portability layers. … Read more

Googles new Chromebooks that put introduce cloud gaming first

Thanks to partnerships with Acer, Asus, and Lenovo, Google is introducing a new breed of Chromebooks that puts cloud gaming first. Coming this month in October are three new Chromebook models from these OEMs with features like RGB keyboards and high refresh rate screens. Prices on the devices start as low as $399 and can … Read more

Why developers hold the key to cloud security

In the days of the on-premises data center and early cloud adoption, the roles of application developers, infrastructure operations, and security were largely siloed. In the cloud, this division of labor increases the time-to-market for innovation reduces productivity, and invites unnecessary, risk. In a data center environment, developers build software applications, IT teams build the … Read more