Demystifying Cloud-Native Data Management: Layers of Operation

As containerized applications go through an accelerated pace of adoption, Day 2 services have become a here-and-now problem. These Day 2 services include data management functions such as backup and disaster recovery along with application mobility. In this new world of containerized cloud-native applications, microservices use multiple data services (MongoDB, Redis, Kafka, etc.) and storage … Read more

Build Cloud-Native Apps with AWS App Runner, Redis, and AWS CDK

AWS App Runner allows you to deploy and run cloud-native applications in a fast, simple, and cost-effective manner. You can choose the programming language of your choice since App Runner can deploy directly from source code (in GitHub for example) or a Docker container image (from private or public repo in ECR) – all this … Read more

You’re missing the boat on cloud-native

I read an OutSystems report the other day that surprised me. According to OutSystems’ “Cloud-Native Development: Ready or Not?” report, although both Gartner and IDC predict that 90% to 95% of applications will be cloud-native by 2025, only 47% of IT decision makers and developers even understand what “cloud native” actually means. In other words, … Read more

Raft or Not? The Best Solution to Data Consistency in Cloud-native Databases

Consensus-based replication is a widely-adopted strategy in many cloud-native, distributed databases. However, it has certain shortcomings and is not the silver bullet. This post first aims to explain the concepts of replication, consistency, and consensus in a cloud-native and distributed database, then clarify why consensus-based algorithms like Paxos and Raft are not the silver bullet, … Read more

Demystifying Cloud-Native Commerce – DZone Cloud

In today’s world, both eCommerce and cloud-native are the two most important areas where technology and business innovations are fused together to build scalable and experience-driven platforms. The surge in the eCommerce space after the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered many queries in the business and technology worlds. Whether it is a small company, mid-size or … Read more

Intro to Micronaut: A cloud-native Java framework

The Spring framework has long dominated back-end Java development, but several new frameworks challenge that status quo. Micronaut is among the most compelling. Developed by the team that built Grails, Micronaut is made for modern architectures. This article is a hands-on introduction to Micronaut. We’ll start with a simple RESTful API-based application, refactor it for … Read more