Maintenance of a Multi-Database Citus Cluster

This guide is designated for database administrators (DBA) who manages an on-premise cluster of PostgreSQL nodes with Citus, an extension for PostgreSQL for horizontal scalability and columnar storage. Every DBA at some point reaches a threshold when manual maintenance of a cluster becomes an arduous chore, and the necessity of some automated solution becomes more … Read more

Kubernetes Clusters for Hybrid and Multi-cloud

Now more than ever, hybrid and multi-cloud deployments are quickly becoming key enterprise requirements. As Kubernetes adoption in an enterprise grows, managing multicluster deployments effectively becomes increasingly critical to application delivery. To bring Kubernetes usage and hybrid/multi-cloud infrastructure together, IT organizations need a modern operating model for shared K8s clusters in hybrid and multi-cloud architectures. … Read more

Upgrading Kubernetes Clusters With Cluster API

In this post, I’ll cover an awesome feature of Cluster API: the ability to do a rolling upgrade of your Kubernetes cluster. Cluster API makes it simple, and repeatable. I’ll be totally honest, I’ve manually upgraded a Kubernetes cluster, it wasn’t the end of the world, but I’m a lazy hacker so why do it … Read more

Securing Access to Kubernetes With Zero Trust

Modern IT environments are becoming more dynamic by the day. Kubernetes, for example, is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for many IT organizations. The benefits of the open source technology to automate deployment, scalability and management of containerized applications are numerous. In particular, IT teams are taking advantage of its power, efficiency and flexibility … Read more

google cloud stackdriver – Fluentbit not parsing jsonyPayload properly in Anthos cluster

Default fluentbit config for Anthos clusters on AWS [FILTER] Name kubernetes Match k8s_container.* Kube_URL https://kubernetes.default.svc.cluster.local:443 Kube_Tag_Prefix k8s_container. Regex_Parser k8s-container-custom-tag Annotations Off [FILTER] Name nest Match * Operation nest Wildcard* Nest_under fluent-bit.conf: | [SERVICE] Flush 1 Log_Level info Daemon off Parsers_File parsers.conf HTTP_Server On HTTP_Listen HTTP_Port 29020 storage.path /var/log/fluent-bit-buffers/ storage.sync normal storage.checksum off … Read more

Policy as (Versioned) Code – DZone Cloud

This is a continuation of the PodSecurityPolicy Is Dead, Long Live…? article, which looks at how to construct the most effective policy for your Kubernetes infrastructure. Haven’t read that? Check it out first. “Policy as code” is one of the more recent “as-code” buzzwords to enter the discourse since “infrastructure-as-code” paved the way for the … Read more

Kubernetes Cluster Backups With Velero

Velero is an open-source backup and restoration tool for Kubernetes cluster disaster recovery. It also supports the migration of cluster resources and persistent volumes backup. Manual or scheduled backups to the external storage ensure your data safety and protection. You can leverage Velero to achieve the following tasks: Back up your Kubernetes cluster or selected … Read more

Manage a Red Hat MicroShift Cluster with Shipa

For developers working with low-resource environments that nevertheless wish to harness the full advantages of Kubernetes, the open-source Red Hat MicroShift project and Shipa (an application-as-code platform you can spin up for free) offer a rather compelling pairing. In this article, I’ll take you through the steps of using MicroShift to set up a lightweight … Read more

Provisioning Persistent Volumes with Kubernetes

Storage in the Kubernetes and container world is handled differently than it is with virtual machines (VMs) or other types of infrastructure. Containerized applications typically scale by running multiple instances of containers in parallel. As a result, you have many more containers running at one time than you would VMs, and the lifespan of any … Read more