c# – System.NotSupportedException: ‘Collection is read-only.’ When Reading Entity From DbContext

I have an aggregate root in my domain model named Employee. it has 3 list of different domain objects like below: public class Employee: EntityBase, IAggregateRoot { public long PersonnelCode { get; private set; } public string FirstName { get; private set; } public string LastName { get; private set; } public string NationalCode { … Read more

java – How to fix org.hibernate.LazyInitializationException: failed to lazily initialize a collection of role: info, could not initialize proxy – no Session

I have a customer and a customer info entity in my spring boot project. They have an one to many relationship. @Data @Builder @Entity @NoArgsConstructor @AllArgsConstructor @Table(name = “customer”) public class Customer implements Serializable{ @Serial private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; @Id @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.IDENTITY) private Long serialNumber; private Long customerId; private String name; … Read more

c# – Generic Method to Flatten a Collection of Nested Objects into a DataTable?

If you’re only working with one type of business object (in this case, Customer), then I recommend @Huntbook’s answer, as that s simplifies this problem. That said, if you truly need for this to be a generic method because eg, you’ll be handling a variety of different business objects (ie, not exclusively Customer), then you … Read more

php – Laravel: How I can remove inner arrays from my collection?

I need to get the products that are ordered most often. I can get products from all orders this way: $orders = $business->orders()->with(‘products’)->get(); $subset = $orders->map(function ($order) { return $order->products->map(function ($product) { return collect($product); }); }); return $subset; It returns me the next response: [ [ { “id”: “94567311-e669-4943-b90e-537669099bc2”, “business_order_id”: “94567311-e554-4265-8753-db5d021f0544”, “business_product_id”: “92df0ca8-762d-4caf-a3af-ea0359906338”, “stock_keeping_unit”: null, … Read more

c# – npgsql: How to select multiple rows (with multiple column values) with npgsql in one command with a collection as a parameter?

I have two tables defined below, supplier_balances and supplier_balance_items (btw there is a 1[supplier_balance]:N[supplier_balance_items] relationship between the two): CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS sch_brand_payment_data_lake_proxy.supplier_balances ( /* id is here for joining purposes with items table, instead of joining with the 4 columns used for sake of making sure a record is deemed as unique */ … Read more

javascript – in React how can I dynamically get the id of each document in my FIREBASE FIRESTORE collection?

I want to be able to filter all products so that each id from the doc relates to my products… Everything works fine for me so far, but I have only called one document id and I don’t know how to call all the others and give them a filter so that when I click … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Data Collection in Data Science

In today’s world, data plays a key role in the success of any business. Data produced by your target audience, your competitors, information from the field you work and data your company gains on its own may help you find more customers, analyze your business decisions, reoptimize the business model or escalate to other markets. … Read more