python – Detecting a collision between turtles/out of bounds/a line of the turtle and a turtle

So I’m coding a tron ​​game in turtle and the last part I need to do is to code the collisions between the turtles themselves, out of bound collisions, and collisions between the line made by the a turtle and the other turtle. I coded the out of bound collisions and they didn’t work, and … Read more

python – How do I detect collision in pygame?

In PyGame, basic collision detection can be done using pygame.Rect objects. The Rect object offers various methods for detecting collisions between objects. Note that even the collision of a rectangular object with a circular object such as a paddle and a ball in Pong game can be roughly detected by a collision between two rectangular … Read more

c# – 2D Continous Collision Detection in Monogame/Xna Framework

I’m working on a custom physics engine for a potential game – based in Monogame/the XNA framework. While the physics itself works pretty well, I’m running into an issue with collision. When the player comes out of a jump, they can often end up inside the floor. See image below. I did a couple hours … Read more