WPF Column in ListView shall represent a ComboBox when IsFocused = true but a simple TextBox when IsFocused = false

When the cell in the column is in focus the ComboBox shall appear but once the value is selected and the cell is not in focus anymore, only the text shall appear. So the ComboBox shall only be visible when cell is in focus. This is my code but I’ve really no clue how to … Read more

javascript – How to validate XML value with value displayed in a column of a table

The bounty expires in 2 days. Answers to this question are eligible for a +100 reputation bounty. user11804298 wants to draw more attention to this question. I am trying to validate a value that I am reading from an XML, the validation I want to perform is to compare the value that I … Read more

r – Hi! I am trying to change the columns as the shiny session runs and update the plot with a new column. But when I index my plot is blank. Any ideas?

There is a lot of code. I apologize. I block quoted out the specific code I am having issues with so please ignore everything else as I only put it so you have everything if you want to run a file yourself. Please use this site: https://community.cytobank.org/cytobank/experiments/27889/download_files and download any file to test the code … Read more

dataframe – Isolating elements from a specific column using R

I’ve been experimenting with the TikTok Scraper tool (https://github.com/drawrowfly/tiktok-scraper/) for a little while and, while I’m not an expert, I’ve been using R for some of the More simples analysis of the scraped data, but I’ve been experiencing issues with the scraped hashtags. Whenever I scrape data from, let’s say, an specific hashtag, I receive … Read more

python – Create new column with min as values ​​in pivot table – Pandas Dataframe

I need to get the min values(rank) for each row and create a new column for it, in a specific location in a data frame. values = [ { “rank”: 5, “keyword”: “brillenreiniger ultraschallbad”, “volume”: 566, “asin”: “B08LCB95V8”, “parent_asin”: “B08LCD86RD” }, { “rank”: 20, “keyword”: “brillenreiniger ultraschallbad”, “volume”: 566, “asin”: “B08LCB95V8”, “parent_asin”: “B08LCD86RD” }, { … Read more

r – use dplyr to find a specific column matching the condition from another table

I have a criteria table: criteria <-data.frame( dx = c(0.244897959, 6.112244898), slim_frac = c(0L, 1L), klim = c(1L, 40L), frackhfrac = c(0L, 1L), por = c(0.04, 0.16), matrix_k_log = c(-11L, -2L), srv_perm_log = c(-6L, 1L), frac_perm_log = c(-3L, 4L), pb_init = c(0L, 10000L), bhp = c(200L, 2000L) I want to find all matching rows from … Read more