Creating Application using Spring Roo and Deploying on Google App Engine

Spring Roo is a rapid application development tool that helps you in rapidly building spring-based enterprise applications in the java programming language. Google app engine is a cloud computing technology that lets you run your application on Google’s infrastructure. Using Spring Roo, you can develop applications that can be used on the Google app engine. … Read more

How To Create Beautiful Command Line Interactions With Node.js | by Jose Granja | Aug, 2022

Inquierer.js, a must-known Node.js library Image by Author Node.js has seen a lot of competition lately. The most well-known competitor for a while has been Deno. Recently it has seen how Bun has gained a lot of traction and popularity. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that Node.js is dead just yet. It has always … Read more

How to Build Spark Lineage for Data Lakes

When a data pipeline breaks, data engineers need to immediately understand where the rupture occurred and what has been impacted. Data downtime is costly. Without data lineage—a map of how assets are connected and data moves across its lifecycle—data engineers might as well conduct their incident triage and root cause blindfolded analysis. Developing data lineage … Read more

SRE: From Theory to Practice: What’s Difficult About Incident Command?

A few weeks ago, we released episode two of our ongoing webinar series, “SRE: From Theory to Practice.” In this series, we break down a challenge facing SREs through an open and honest discussion. Our topic this episode was “What’s difficult about the incident command?” When things go wrong, who is in charge? And what … Read more

Integrate a Distributed DB With Event Streaming

This article is derived from the Distributed Data Systems Masterclass event that I had fun doing with Maheedhar Gunturu from AWS and Tim Spann from StreamNative. What’s Event Streaming? Events are facts or things that happen. In microservices architectures, we can imagine an event affecting a number of services and generating a series of interactions. … Read more

Externalize Microservice Configuration With Spring

In a microservices system, we might need or want to externalize configuration so that we can abstract sensitive data or credentials outside the applications. We can do something like this with Docker Compose, but the compose file often contains values ​​for multiple services together. We probably want further separation and limited access. This is where … Read more

Install Anypoint Flex Gateway on the Kubernetes as an Ingress Controller in Connected Mode – Part 3

In my last blog, we have a walkthrough on how to set up Flex Gateway on Minikube as an Ingress controller in the Connected Mode and how to publish the APIs to the Flex Gateway and access those APIs via Ingress on HTTP. In this blog, we will walk through how to implement TLS on … Read more

Install Anypoint Flex Gateway on the Kubernetes as an Ingress Controller in Connected Mode – Part I

MuleSoft launched Universal API Management in 2022 and released or improved various components. Flex Gateway API Governance API Community Manager API Experience Hub (coming soon) Anypoint DataGraph API Designer API cataloging with the updated Anypoint Platform CLI (coming soon) API Manager In this particular tutorial, we will be focusing on setting up Flex Gateway on … Read more

COVID Dashboard Upgrade – DZone Web Dev

Back in 2020, I had written a COVID dashboard using Rails 6.0.2 and Ruby 2.5.1. Given a date range, it displays a line graph of cumulative as well as incremental data for the number of confirmed, deceased, and recovered cases. Its data sources are: COVID-19 Data Repository by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering … Read more