Git Gud. creating performant git commands | by dho

Creating performant git commands Photo by Roman Synkevych πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ on Unsplash Experiencing slow tooling? This article was originally written amid the growing pains of an large monorepo, where git commands could take 10s+ to execute. For developers that do a lot of context switching, and for a repo with many contributors β€” it adds up. … Read more

python 3.x – discord not registering commands anymore

I have read all the help files online.. i’ve done TONS of research and still nothing helps me.. i HAD a command that ran whats inside “on_raw_reaction_add”, basically same code. I edited the command to be “better” and had some more functionallity and now the entire bot won’t take ANY command. heres my code for … Read more

node.js – When using npm, commands fail due to cache access restriction/lock (errno EBUSY -4082)

Problem I’ve been running into what appears to be a directory access issue in Windows when attempting to use npm. Having tried numerous suggestions from various other SO questions and answers, I thought I’d see if anyone might have suggestions or solutions based on log the output. I’m continuously running into the error anytime I … Read more

12 Linux Commands Worth Remembering for Log File Operations (With Examples) | by Thilina Ashen Gamage | May, 2022

A tool list loved by sys admins and support engineers This article includes a collection of tools you can use to improve your productivity in Linux environments when handling file operations (especially log files). If you have more suggestions, please mention them in the comments. Enjoy the read! First, a little about Tree. Tree is … Read more