c++ – Can’t draw compatible target bitmap as effect to this compatible target

I want is to create backdrop-blur effect as in UWP apps in-app blur for my ui library, but stuck with it for a few days. For some reason, it either does not set backbuffer bitmap in SetInput method correctly, or in DrawImage call. The saddest thing is that backbuffer bitmap is actually valid, it could … Read more

What is DevSecOps Compatible With?

What Is DevSecOps? DevSecOps is a collaborative effort by developers, security, and operations teams to get products to market securely and efficiently. This hybrid development and security model aims to address flaws that arise from the relegation of security to the end of the development process. It helps teams avoid rewriting buggy code, releasing insecure … Read more

visual studio 2022 – error NETSDK1032: The RuntimeIdentifier platform ‘ios-arm64’ and the PlatformTarget ‘x64’ must be compatible

I’ve had this error already over here: Errors with dotnet publish but I was able to sneak away from it, by just creating a brand new solution. Well, that’s not an option anymore, because I am working on a real project now. Through all the many days I have spent with these, I was able … Read more