Journey Into the Realm of DevOps: From Early Stage Adoption to Complex Architecture | by Christina DeStefano | Jun, 2022

When do companies begin to acknowledge “DevOps” as a culture? From Puppet’s State of DevOps 2021 You may go on LinkedIn and see positions open for DevOps Engineers. While the shoe may fit, putting the responsibility of upholding a DevOps-based culture falls within the entirety of an engineering department: QE Engineers, software developers, and security … Read more

Contact from VS C++ to Excel VBA

May 10th, 2022, 01:00 PM #1 Contact from VS C++ to Excel VBA I’ve got an app written in Visual Studio C++ that deals with excel lines … Read more

Does low code make applications overly complex?

Low code continues to receive a lot of press—and debate. Many software developers still wonder whether the use of low code makes the application development process better, or if it interferes with the development process and results in inferior applications. Others worry about the security implications of low code. Certainly, if the inevitable outcome of … Read more

Agile in Large Complex Organizations | by Chris Combe (he / him) | Apr, 2022

Is there room for innovation in agile? Photo by drmakete lab on Unsplash The title may sound more ominous than intended. I would like to unpack some of my learnings and thoughts. In complex systems, large scaling frameworks create rigidity and will over-constrain an organization. It is quite easy to throw rocks at scaling frameworks … Read more