HTTPS— In a Nutshell. The minimal number of concepts required… | by Wesley Uykimpang | Jun, 2022

The minimal number of concepts required for you to understand how HTTPS works Photo by Felipe Gregate on Unsplash For some jobs, having a credential — like a medical degree — is necessary to ensure that the person has the proper training to perform the job. This situation begs the question: how do you verify … Read more

Understanding the General Concepts of Halide Programming Language | by Minhaz | Apr, 2022

Write fast and maintainable code Screenshot of the 3×3 box blur algorithm written in Halide. Source — Last time I presented how it’s possible to achieve high performance with simple and maintainable code with Halide. This time, I’ll share about the general concepts in Halide. Halide is an open-source programming language designed to make … Read more