python – Using sys.argv for webscraping, and trying run it through CMD console. I am new to this, adn dont knwo how to solve “NoneType” error. Using pycharm

import sys import requests import csv import os from bs4 import BeautifulSoup def main(): url = input_arguments()[0] filename = input_arguments()[1] header = summary_info(url) data = data_scraping(url) save_to_csv(filename, header, data) check_file(filename) def url_list(): url = “” r = requests.get(url) soup = BeautifulSoup(r.text, “html.parser”) list_href = [] for index in range(1, 15): find = soup.find_all((“td”, {“headers”: f”{index}sa3″})) … Read more

Automated Deployment with Mule Management Console and Maven

In my opinion, the deployment of any application should be as automated as possible to avoid errors due to manual mistakes. This is no different with a mule esb application. If you are using the enterprise edition of the mule esb you also have the ability to make use of the mule management console (MMC). … Read more

javascript – i am getting POST http://localhost:5000/user/signup 500 (Internal Server Error) console dusring sign up, but user’s data is stored in database

javascript – i am getting POST http://localhost:5000/user/signup 500 (Internal Server Error) console dusring sign up, but user’s data is stored in database – Stack Overflow … Read more

bundler: command not found. Cannot start puma or even open rails console

I am using capistrano to deploy a rails 5.2 application. Everything goes on well except the fact that puma doesn’t start. Result of tail -f /var/www/tuma/shared/log/puma_error.log when I execute sudo systemctl start puma_tuma_production bundler: command not found: puma Install missing gem executables with `bundle install` I have noticed that when I cc into the current … Read more

xamarin.forms – Why is app in the Google developer console crashing with tiktok appearing in an http call?

My Xamarin Forms app in the Google Play console is crashing with the following stack trace (only a single line is given to me): ANR in;PID: 15339;Broadcast of Intent { act=android.accounts.LOGIN_ACCOUNTS_CHANGED flg=0x5000010 }; It occurs when the user is doing a C# HttpClient request to a website. The last second of logcat logs … Read more

.net core – C# Console App, pass multiple parameters to custom ILogger

Searching I’ve not found the answer I’m looking for. I will only put code snippets here to help ask my question, supplying ALL of the code would not be executable without the entire system. I’m using the built-in logging in C# to log to Windows Event Viewer and/or the Console. I also wanted to write … Read more

Observability Exports: Metrics, Logs, and Tracing

This is the second in a series of blogs discussing unified observability with microservices and the Oracle database. The first piece went into the fundamentals and basic use cases. This second blog will take a deeper dive into the Metrics, Logs, and Tracing exporters (which can be found at, describing them and showing how … Read more

console – Spyder python logs unexpected

I m new to python and tensorflow…installed anaconda, tensorflow, and cudaWhen running a machine learning program (download from web and modified a bit) on Spyder, the following logs explodes the console (these are not explicitly written out): 1/1 [==============================] – 0s 37ms/step 1/1 [==============================] – 0s 11ms/step 1/1 [==============================] – 0s 10ms/step … Anyone could … Read more

javascript – button not triggering call back function when clicked on. No way to know why as no error’s thrown by console

const intro = document.querySelector(“.intro”); const select = document.querySelector(“select”); const finalScoreImage = document.getElementById(“finalScoreImage”); const welcomeText = document.querySelector(“.welcomeText”) const btn = document.querySelector(“button”); const header = document.querySelector(“header”) const animeQuiz = document.querySelector(“.animeQuiz”); const timer = document.querySelector(“.timer”); const anime_picture = document.querySelector(“.anime_picture img”); const choices = […document.querySelector(“.choices”).children]; const numberOfChoices = choices.length; const finalScore = document.querySelector(“.finalScore”); const squares = document.querySelector(“.squares”); const progressBar … Read more