5 steps to lower Kubernetes costs

It can be a little too easy to let Kubernetes-related cloud costs slip out of control—and for many enterprises, that’s exactly what’s happening. Programmatic resource provisioning and access to high-cost resources like GPUs are just a couple of the factors that will balloon budgets without a conscious effort to temper expenses. And, as enterprises continue … Read more

8 Common Career Limiting Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs | by Vinita | May, 2022

Not everything you say will stand out. But you can’t make a difference unless you’re also willing to risk voicing your opinion For every step forward you take in your career, how many steps are you taking back? Do you actively recognize and pay attention to mistakes that limit your career? Those who succeed at … Read more

PostgreSQL EXPLAIN – What Are the Query Costs?

Understanding the Postgres EXPLAIN Cost EXPLAIN is very useful for understanding the performance of a Postgres query. It returns the execution plan generated by the PostgreSQL query planner for a given statement. The EXPLAIN command specifies whether the tables referenced in a statement will be searched using an index scan or a sequential scan. When … Read more