cpu architecture – How many clock cycles do the stages of a simple 5 stage processor take?

Classic 5-stage RISC pipelines are designed around single-cycle latency L1d / L1i, allowing 1 IPC (instruction per clock) in code without cache misses or other stalls. ie the hopefully common / good case. Every stage must have a worst-case critical path latency of 1 cycle, or trigger a stall. Clock speeds were lower back then … Read more

10 Text Preprocessing Benchmarks on CPU, GPU, and TPU | by Bruce H. Cottman, Ph.D. | Jun, 2022

NLP benchmarks Python code and benchmarks for ten different spaCy text preprocessing actions Figure 1. Racing computing platforms. Source: Photo: Pietro Mattia on Unsplash Estimates state that 70%–85% of the world’s data is text (unstructured data). New deep learning language models (transformers) have also caused explosive growth in industrial applications. This article is not an … Read more

Kotlin/Native vs. C++ vs. Freepascal vs. Python: Measuring FPS, RAM and CPU Usage, Size of the Compiled Executable File Across Codebases | by Alex Maryin | May, 2022

A comparison Starfield animation of Python app Hello, everyone! As I promised in the first part of this blog-post series, I pleasure to welcome you into the second part of our journey where I am trying to find the truth comparing Kotlin/Native with C++, Freepascal, and Python through its performance with openGL graphics and coding … Read more