Create the Classic Space Invaders Game with JavaScript and HTML | by Nicolai B. Andersen | Jun, 2022

A tutorial to recreate Space Invaders with HTML and JavaScript A GIF showing the game created in the article. Do you want to add a simple 2D game to your website? Or do you want to learn the basics of creating 2D games? This article explains how to recreate the classic Space Invaders game for … Read more

python – Create new column with min as values ​​in pivot table – Pandas Dataframe

I need to get the min values(rank) for each row and create a new column for it, in a specific location in a data frame. values = [ { “rank”: 5, “keyword”: “brillenreiniger ultraschallbad”, “volume”: 566, “asin”: “B08LCB95V8”, “parent_asin”: “B08LCD86RD” }, { “rank”: 20, “keyword”: “brillenreiniger ultraschallbad”, “volume”: 566, “asin”: “B08LCB95V8”, “parent_asin”: “B08LCD86RD” }, { … Read more

How to create a cloud center of excellence

Any sizeable organization focused on developing and deploying cloud-native applications should consider establishing a cloud center of excellence (CCoE). Creating a CCoE will help you successfully leverage the cloud to increase the scale and agility of your business. In a previous article, I discussed the benefits of a CCoE and why you would want to … Read more

Leveraging TypeScript to Create Better Polymorphic React Components | by Chisom Okoye | Jun, 2022

Write flexible components Reusable components are one of the key concepts in React — where you write a component once and get to reuse them multiple times. Basically your component would receive some props, You then go ahead to use these internally and then finally render some React element which gets translated to the corresponding … Read more

php – The current field `category` is not linked to an admin. Please create one for the target model: “ when using Form Types other than ModelType, Symfony

I’m trying to create/expand upon a basic app following the Symfony Sonata Admin Bundle documentation. There are BlogPost, Category, and Author entities and their respective admins. BlogPost has a ManyToOne relationship to both Category and Author. I notice from the start that I had trouble applying different Form Types to ‘Category’ but thought maybe I … Read more

Create a Lyrics Search Engine Using RediSearch | by Riccardo Canella | Jun, 2022

Build an open-source project How many times have you ever wondered “how does Google figure out which song I’m looking for using only a small part of the lyrics?” I honestly had never asked that to myself, except yesterday, and I decided to try to replicate something similar. To do all this I needed: A … Read more

Create a Truly Immersive Metaverse Experience Through Web3 Sound Effects | by David Relo | Jun, 2022

Implement a spatial audio effect (the sound moving around the listener’s head) using the AudioListener and PannerNode interfaces. With the rise of the Metaverse and 3D games such as Battle Royale, the demand for immersive audio experiences in virtual environments is growing rapidly. Spatial audio, a technology that allows users to perceive the location and … Read more