Migrating a Create-React-App to NextJS | by Moleseng Mokgosi | Jul, 2022

And know the subtle differences between the two frameworks Image from ijsto I recently started building a web app for a salon, that would include a booking system. I wanted to design this in such a way that it would be easy for the user to navigate through the app, so I want to have … Read more

node.js – React [create-react-app] in MERN stack project is giving dependency tell

I am trying to follow the onlinecodeacademy online course for free to learn MERN. I am having trouble both using npx and installing it. When I try to install npx I receive the following errors: [noah@Qyain restaurant-reviews]$ npm install npx npm ERR! code EACCES npm ERR! syscall open npm ERR! path /home/noah/package-lock.json npm ERR! errno … Read more

reactjs – How to create React App including Web3 using create-react-app? I am getting Module not found Error. BREAKING CHANGE: webpack

I am new to Web3 and I am trying to create a react app integrated with web3. Below are the steps I followed in Ubuntu. create-react-app app_name cd app_name npm i –save web3 npm start and everything worked fine, I got the react app home page. Now, as soon as I put the following line … Read more