The best new CSS features for 2022

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) first dropped in 1996, and it remains an essential, evolving part of the web development stack. Like other living languages, CSS is constantly introducing new features in response to real-world practices. This quick evolution can make it easy for even dedicated developers to miss new features. Here’s a look at the … Read more

css – Why is esbuild not installed when creating new Rails 7 app with Bootstrap?

I create a new Rails 7 app using the following syntax in the command line: $ rails new app_name –css=bootstrap I get the following errors when the app is being created (only when including –css=bootstrap): Install esbuild run yarn add esbuild from “.” yarn add v1.23.0-20220130.1630 info No lockfile found. [1/4] 🔍 Resolving packages… [2/4] … Read more

css – Why Drawer from material Ui is taking the whole height and the background is also white

So I was trying to clone the Gmail using React and Material Ui I don’t know why for some reason Material Ui is taking the whole height of the screen and not the required that I wanted. I tried googling about the problem in which I got this link :- material-ui change the height of … Read more