python – dataframe is not getting converted into CSV and parquet

I made a local dataframe and I am trying to covert the dataframe into CSV & Parquet. its throwing error, saying that – for df to csv Py4JJavaError Traceback (most recent call last) Input In [18], in <cell line: 2>() 1 #converting the datafram into csv —-> 2 df.write.csv(‘test.csv’,header=True) 3‘test.csv’,header=True).show() File, in DataFrameWriter.csv(self, … Read more

pandas – Convert deep nested xml file to csv in python

I’m new to Python and I try to convert xml(including namespaces) file into csv. I can’t get my head around how to iterate through the tags and extract all the data. it’s a large xml file(350MB). <ABR recordLastUpdatedDate=”20210812″ replaced=”N”><ABN status=”ACT” ABNStatusFromDate=”20000303″>11000016722</ABN><EntityType><EntityTypeInd>PUB</EntityTypeInd><EntityTypeText>Australian Public Company</EntityTypeText></EntityType><MainEntity><NonIndividualName type=”MN”><NonIndividualNameText>INSURANCE AUSTRALIA LIMITED</NonIndividualNameText></NonIndividualName><BusinessAddress><AddressDetails><State>NSW</State><Postcode>2000</Postcode></AddressDetails></BusinessAddress></MainEntity><ASICNumber ASICNumberType=”undetermined”>000016722</ASICNumber><GST status=”ACT” GSTStatusFromDate=”20000701″ /><OtherEntity><NonIndividualName type=”TRD”><NonIndividualNameText>NRMA INSURANCE LTD</NonIndividualNameText></NonIndividualName></OtherEntity><OtherEntity><NonIndividualName type=”OTN”><NonIndividualNameText>NRMA INSURANCE … Read more

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Currently writing a script that reads in a csv file and makes numerous adjustments to the dataframe and plots multiple graphs. I’m trying to include an upload button to remove the need to read in the csv file. I’m struggling to add this upload button while also making the required changes needed to the dataframe … Read more

sql – Nan values ​​in csv covert to null values ​​in MySQL

Hi I am currently converting a table with some NULL values ​​from MS SQL database to csv which means all these NULL values ​​will become NaN. Then I plan to convert the csv to MySQL database, however, they give me an error saying unknown column ‘nan’ in field list. Does anyone know how to solve … Read more

dplyr – Error while merging Merge CSV files in R : Error in stop_vctrs(message, class = c(class, “vctrs_error_incompatible”),

I am merging 10 CSV files using R. before I merge I add some columns which were not present in the original ones. path = “C:\Users\User\Documents\data\Reports” combined <- list.files(path=path, pattern=”*.csv”, full.names = TRUE) %>% lapply(read_csv) %>% bind_rows write.csv(combined,”C:\Users\User\Documents\data\Reports\Reports_merged.csv”, row.names = FALSE) However, when I merge I get the following error: Error in stop_vctrs(message, class = … Read more

python – Import csv with json inside in Pandas

I’m trying to import with a Pandas a CSV file where each rows (except the first one with the column names) looks like the following: 2022-05-09 14:57:50.000,mainnet,12023665,2021-03-12 12:27:23.000,0x2c6006b6a82b58574fc9d3b60455d343d976f03ae7dd2dd7dc064139315c2755,0_0,call,0x19a8ed4860007a66805782ed7e0bed4e44fc6717,Marketplace,0xf87e31492faf9a91b02ee0deaad50d51d56d5d4d,LANDRegistry,0x01ffc9a7,supportsInterface,0.00000000,{“_interfaceID”:”0x80ac58cd00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000″},[{“name”:”_interfaceID”,”raw”:”0x80ac58cd00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000″,”type”:”bytes4″}],{“__out0″:”True”},[{“name”:””,”raw”:”0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001″,”type”:”bool”}],4373,\N,true,4844,true,0xf87e31492faf9a91b02ee0deaad50d51d56d5d4d I’ve tried with df = pd.read_csv(f, sep=”,”, engine=”python”) but it continues to give the error ‘,’ expected after ‘”‘. I believe that the part with JSON-like data … Read more