docusignapi – How to Properly Create Templates using Docusign via curl and php

I want to create templates for document signing using docusign in PHP. It seems their API is not fully detail. Document for template creation I have followed their instructions and have obtained my access token, base_url etc via curl in php. Here is the PHP Code they provide without further details. No php sdk and … Read more

curl – Poetry – RuntimeError: No python executable found in shell environment. Tried: [‘python3’, ‘python’, ‘py.exe -3’, ‘py.exe -2’]

Goal: Get Poetry working via Git Bash. Issue Git Bash: HDS+dabell@PF2DCSXD MINGW64 ~/Anaconda3 $ curl -sSL | python Retrieving Poetry metadata This installer is deprecated. Poetry versions installed using this script will not be able to use ‘self update’ command to upgrade to 1.2.0a1 or later. # Welcome to Poetry! This will download and … Read more

curl authentication works with `–netrc` but not `–user`

The bounty expires in 16 hours. Answers to this question are eligible for a +100 reputation bounty. Kodiologist wants to draw more attention to this question. With curl 7.74.0, the command $ curl -b ~/.cookies -c ~/.cookies -L –user ‘USERNAME:PASSWORD’ yields HTTP 401 (verbose output listed below). However, the following works: $ … Read more

api – PLEASE HELP: why do I get this error while using curl, jax-rs, java, and rest?

Below is my code, I am using curl command line tool, jax-rs, rest apis and java I get this error: “SEVERE: MessageBodyWriter not found for media type = text/plain, type=class java.util.ArrayList, genericType=class java.util.ArrayList”, when I go to localhost:8888/quotes after the command “mvn exec:java” What am I doing wrong? I have a main class, Quote class, … Read more