php – Adding ‘sort by’ drop down on custom page using woocommerce short code

I have created a custom page using woocommerce short code for product categories. At the moment, it’s pretty sparse as I’ve only just started on the new site. I just need the default ‘sort by’ drop down element adding but have no idea how to do it. I found some code here >>Woocommerce, sort dropdown … Read more

An Interesting Case for Using a Custom RxJs Operator | by Enrico Piccinin | Jun, 2022

The RxJs library comes with a rich set of operators, which are able to address most of the cases we have to address when dealing with observable streams. There are still though situations when the possibility to build new custom operators can come in handy. Let’s look at one particular case inspired by a question … Read more

python – Django does not display errors from the custom validator, and instead resets the form

I recently started learning Django and can’t solve one problem. I created my validator for the form, but instead of showing an error window, it just resets the form. Here is the code from django.db import models from django.urls import reverse_lazy from django.core.exceptions import ValidationError class News(models.Model): title = models.CharField(max_length=150, verbose_name=”Title”) content = models.TextField(blank=True, … Read more

Docker: Build a Custom NGINX Image and Push It to AWS ECR and GitLab | by Michael Cassidy | Jun, 2022

This project will give a walk-through on how to build a custom NGINX Docker Image through AWS Cloud9 using a Dockerfile and a docker-compose.yml file. We will push that image to AWS Elastic Container Registry (ECR). We will also push the Image to GitLab, and finally, we will set up a CI/CD pipeline in GitLab. … Read more

Slack Workspace With Custom Command Using Lambda

We have decided to make our Slack channel more attractive. On our team, most of the IM work-related correspondence is done on other channels (WhatsApp, Jabber), while our goal was to migrate these interactions to Slack. How were we to foster this change? Slack allows the creation of external applications, which is a huge benefit. … Read more

The Top Security Strategies in Custom Software Development

The global spending on enterprise software is $605 billion. An increasing number of companies explore custom software development to digitize their operations. Software solutions simplify the business processes and streamline the workflow. Both B2B and B2C software development solutions enable companies to achieve operational efficiency. A major element of creating custom enterprise software solutions is … Read more

java – Custom Sequence Generator in Spring Boot JPA

I want the empid to be generated in sequence like EMP_01,EMP_02….. Employee.classes import aurozen.assign.aurozenassign.StringPrefixedSequenceIdGenerator; import lombok.ToString; import org.hibernate.annotations.GenericGenerator; import org.hibernate.annotations.Parameter; import javax.persistence.*; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.List; @ToString @Entity public class Employee { @Id @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.SEQUENCE, generator = “emp_seq”) @GenericGenerator(name = “emp_seq”, strategy = “aurozen.assign.aurozenassign.StringPrefixedSequenceIdGenerator”, parameters = { @Parameter(name = StringPrefixedSequenceIdGenerator.INCREMENT_PARAM, value = “50”), @Parameter(name … Read more

wordpress – Create a Divi child theme with custom php files in /core

I am looking to integrate SendFox (an email service like Mailchimp) into Divi. A friend wrote the necessary code but said he could only get it working in the parent theme. I have the files working in the parent theme (two files are needed in these locations – Divi/core/components/api/email/SendFox.php and Divi/core/_metadata.php) I created these folders … Read more

python – App’s icon is not showing in taskbar because of Custom title bar?

Disclaimer, this may not be the best approach to achieve OP`s goal, but I’m sticking to this example because: There are several question with this example on StackOverflow It shows a basic knowledge that is important for deeper digging. The improvement of this code to the original is that the style applies again after you … Read more