Demystify the Cybersecurity Risk Management Process

Cybersecurity is critical today, with data breaches becoming more common and sophisticated. As a result, cybersecurity risk management is a complex and ever-changing field. After checking out some online surveys, we found around 304.7 million ransomware attempts in the first half of 2021. In the second half, it was even worse, reaching 318.6 million. These … Read more

The Rise of Cybercrime – An Overview

Cybercrimes are more rampant in the year 2022. The rate of cybercrimes is increasing every year, and it is expected to reach its highest next year. It is said that cybercrime affects the security of more than 80% of businesses throughout the world today. It is mainly due to the limited capabilities of authorities in … Read more

Using Unsupervised Learning to Combat Cyber ​​Threats

As the world enters a digital age, cyber threats are with massive data breaches, hacks rising into personal and financial data, and any other digital source that people can exploit. To combat these attacks, security experts are all learning tapping into AI to stay a step ahead, using tool in their toolbox, including unsupervised methods. … Read more

Angular + React: Vulnerability Cheatsheet

Securing applications is not the easiest thing to do. An application has many components: server-side logic, client-side logic, data storage, data transportation, API, and more. With all these components to secure, building a secure application can seem really daunting. Thankfully, most real-life vulnerabilities share the same root causes. By studying these common vulnerability types, why … Read more

Keys to a Great API Security Solution

So, do you think your APIs are secure? You might want to take another look at your security. Figure 1 What is API security? APIs are everywhere, and API Security is of the utmost importance for every organization. According to a recent Gartner CIO and Technical Executive survey, Cyber ​​and Information security are at the … Read more