Consequences of Bad Data – DZone Big Data

You may not have heard the term data downtime, but I’m willing to bet you’ve experienced it and the cost of bad data firsthand. Urgent ping from your CEO about “missing data” in a critical report? Duplicate tables wreaking havoc in your Snowflake warehouse, all titled some variation of “Mikes_Table_GOOD-V3.”? Or, perhaps you’ve unintentionally made … Read more

Data Observability Doesn’t Just Create Savings — It Drives Revenue, Too

When I talk to data teams about the benefits of data observability and data quality, it’s often framed to prevent the negative impacts of insufficient data: poor decision-making, lost revenue, and even the erosion of customer trust. With Gartner predicting that poor data quality costs organizations $12.9M per year, data observability becomes a no-brainer. Companies … Read more