Wondershare MobileTrans lets you transfer WhatsApp and phone data from Android to iPhone

Have you ever wanted to move from Android to iPhone, or vice versa? There are a lot of free tools available to help you transfer all of your files across devices, but none of them offer a simple and easy solution with the ability to quickly transfer, backup and restore data. That’s where Wondershare MobileTrans … Read more

5 modelops capabilities that boost data science productivity

In the State of Modelops 2022 report, 51% of large enterprises had done early-stage pilots or experiments in artificial intelligence but have yet to put them into production. Only 38% reported they can answer executive questions on the return on investment on AI, and 43% said that their company is ineffective at finding and fixing … Read more

Google aims for BigLake data lake support for all unstructured data

In its continued bid to support all kinds of data and provide a one-stop data platform in the form of BigLake, Google on Tuesday said that it will add support for most commonly used open-source table formats in data lakes. The company, which made the announcement at its annual Cloud Next conference, describes BigLake as … Read more

Data visualization with Observable JavaScript

Built-in reactivity is one of Observable JavaScript’s biggest value adds. In my two previous articles, I’ve introduced you to using Observable JavaScript with R or Python in Quarto and learning Observable JavaScript with Observable notebooks. In this article, we get to the fun part: creating interactive tables and graphics with Observable JavaScript and the Observable … Read more

Dremio Cloud review: A fast and flexible data lakehouse on AWS

Both data warehouses and data lakes can hold large amounts of data for analysis. As you may recall, data warehouses contain curated, structured data, have a predesigned schema that is applied when the data is written, call on large amounts of CPU, SSDs, and RAM for speed, and are intended for use by business analysts. … Read more

What devops needs to know about data governance

Data governance is an umbrella term encompassing several different disciplines and practices, and the priorities often depend on who is driving the effort. Chief data officers, privacy officers, security officers, and leaders in risk management usually focus on the privacy, security, and regulations that drive data governance programs. Data scientists, marketers, devops leaders, and business … Read more

Displaying SQLite Data From the Flutter App on the iOS Home Screen | by Roman Cinis | Aug, 2022

Flutter vs. SwiftUI and Dart vs. Swift — from a Flutter developer’s perspective The background of this image is made by the starline Hey, devs! If you have already completed your Flutter project almost to perfection and are looking for other ways to improve UX when users work with your app (on iPhones, for example), … Read more

Consistency Level in the Milvus Vector Database

Have you ever wondered why sometimes the data you have deleted from the Milvus vector database still appear in the search results? A very likely reason is that you have not set the appropriate consistency level for your application. Consistency level in a distributed vector database is critical as it determines at which point a … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Encryption Vs Decryption

A computer system must promise or at least assure privacy and confidentiality when it transmits sensitive or personal data. A simple system, unless equipped with the proper technology, cannot stop any unauthorized access to cyber criminals. And in this computer era, data tampering needs no introduction as it is not something unheard of. So if … Read more