How to use EF Core as an in-memory database in ASP.NET Core 6

There are many reasons why you might want to use an in-memory database when working on ASP.NET Core 6 web applications. Maybe you’re developing a new feature and you want to test it without affecting your production database. Or perhaps you want a quick way to prototype something without setting up a whole new database. … Read more

Consistency Level in the Milvus Vector Database

Have you ever wondered why sometimes the data you have deleted from the Milvus vector database still appear in the search results? A very likely reason is that you have not set the appropriate consistency level for your application. Consistency level in a distributed vector database is critical as it determines at which point a … Read more

Build a Real-time Analytics Application With TiDB

Disclaimer: PingExpress_DemoCorp is a dummy company. It does NOT reflect or imply any real company. This tutorial is for demonstration purposes only. Do NOT use any material (including but not limited to code and commands) from this tutorial in production environments. PingExpress_DemoCorp is a supply chain management company in the United States. With more people … Read more

Database Read Throughput with In-Memory Replicas

With its official release, Milvus 2.1 comes with many new features such as in-memory replicas, support for string data type, embedded Milvus, tunable consistency, user authentication, and encryption in transit to provide convenience and a better user experience. Though the concept of the in-memory replica is nothing new to the world of distributed databases, it … Read more

Building a Data Pipeline Using QuestDB and Confluent Kafka

A data pipeline, at its base, is a series of data processing measures that are used to automate the transport and transformation of data between systems or data stores. Data pipelines can be used for a wide range of use cases in a business, including aggregating data on customers for recommendation purposes or customer relationship … Read more

Bun – What Can I Use It For?

In recent years, the web development landscape has discovered that, while super stylized websites and web applications with tons of very rich interactions made with Javascript be appealing to users, the loading time of the page can be a hundred times more influential to the user’s perspective of the experience. As a result, there has … Read more

Connect a Heroku Java App, Cloud-Native Database

Ahoy, matey! I’m back from a short vacation and ready to continue my pet project: geo-distributed messenger in Java! If you’re interested in how my dev journey began (and is going), check out the previous articles in this series: In the last article, I launched the first version of my app, which runs in Heroku … Read more

String Data to Empower Your Similarity Search App

Milvus 2.1 comes with some significant updates, which make working with Milvus a lot easier. One of them is the support of string data type. Right now, Milvus supports data types including strings, vectors, Boolean, integers, floating-point numbers, and more. This article presents an introduction to the support of string data type. Read and learn … Read more

How to Upgrade TiDB Safely

As a fast-growing open source NewSQL database, TiDB frequently releases new features and improvements. If you are a TiDB user, you may have found it hard to decide whether or not to upgrade your version. You may have also wondered how to make your upgrade journey safer, smoother, and even unnoticed by business. On the … Read more