Delivering the Future of Uber-Like Apps With AI an

Uber is, so far, the most popular ride-sharing application, with over 93 million users globally. The application was a revolutionary solution back in 2009; for over 13 years, it has kept increasing revenue. In 2015 Uber was one of the first to adopt machine learning for processing big data. Within the next 3 years, the … Read more

AI vs ML vs Deep Learning

Technology continues to evolve. Who would have dreamed of smartphones, Alexa, electric cars, and all the modern technology we see today back in the 90s. It’s incredible to see devices around us with intelligence sometimes surpassing the human minds. You may ask, what made this possible? The answer is Artificial Intelligence. You must have heard … Read more

Model Quantization for Edge AI

Deep learning is witnessing a growing history of success. However, the large/heavy models that must be run on a high-performance computing system are far from optimal. Artificial intelligence is already widely used in business applications. The computational demands of AI inference and training are increasing. As a result, a relatively new class of deep learning … Read more

How Many GPUs Should Your Deep Learning Workstation Have?

Choosing the Right Number of GPUs for a Deep Learning Workstation If you build or upgrade your deep learning workstation, you will inevitably wonder how many GPUs you need for an AI workstation focused on deep learning or machine learning. Is one adequate, or should you add 2 or 4? The GPU you choose is … Read more

An Introduction to Graph Data

This article is an excerpt from the book Machine Learning with PyTorch and Scikit-Learn from the best-selling Python Machine Learning series, updated and expanded to cover PyTorch, transformers, and graph neural networks. Broadly speaking, graphs represent a certain way we describe and capture relationships in data. Graphs are a particular kind of data structure that … Read more