pandas – Convert deep nested xml file to csv in python

I’m new to Python and I try to convert xml(including namespaces) file into csv. I can’t get my head around how to iterate through the tags and extract all the data. it’s a large xml file(350MB). <ABR recordLastUpdatedDate=”20210812″ replaced=”N”><ABN status=”ACT” ABNStatusFromDate=”20000303″>11000016722</ABN><EntityType><EntityTypeInd>PUB</EntityTypeInd><EntityTypeText>Australian Public Company</EntityTypeText></EntityType><MainEntity><NonIndividualName type=”MN”><NonIndividualNameText>INSURANCE AUSTRALIA LIMITED</NonIndividualNameText></NonIndividualName><BusinessAddress><AddressDetails><State>NSW</State><Postcode>2000</Postcode></AddressDetails></BusinessAddress></MainEntity><ASICNumber ASICNumberType=”undetermined”>000016722</ASICNumber><GST status=”ACT” GSTStatusFromDate=”20000701″ /><OtherEntity><NonIndividualName type=”TRD”><NonIndividualNameText>NRMA INSURANCE LTD</NonIndividualNameText></NonIndividualName></OtherEntity><OtherEntity><NonIndividualName type=”OTN”><NonIndividualNameText>NRMA INSURANCE … Read more

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Why you should debug when there’s no bug Say you have a new code base to study or picked up an open source project. You might be a seasoned developer for whom this is another project in a packed resume. Alternatively, you might be a junior engineer for whom this is the first “real” project. … Read more

deep learning – The tensorflow object_detection model can only detect 1 face

I’m trying to build a model to detect faces, and I used the SSD MobileNet v2 320×320‘s pipeline.config to train without calling the fine checkpoint. The pbtxt I used is the face_label_map.pbtxt that is given officially. The model detects well when the photos only contain 1 face, but only detects one when there is more … Read more

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python – deep learning CNN

can anyone help me I get this error when I try to train my model? my project is about the convolutional neural network for image colorization with deep learning This is some part of my code: import torch import torch.nn as nn import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import numpy as np import os from six.moves.urllib.request import … Read more

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