node.js – “$pull” doesn’t delete the embedded documents of mongoose array

Backend – IndexJS const Koa = require(“Koa”); const client = require(“./dal/”); const bodyParser = require(“koa-bodyparser”); const cors = require(“@koa/cors”); const app = new Koa(); app.use(cors()); app.use(bodyParser()); const userRouter = require(“./routes/users.router”); app.use(userRouter.routes()).use(userRouter.allowedMethods()); const subjectsRouter = require(“./routes/subjects.router”); app.use(subjectsRouter.routes()).use(subjectsRouter.allowedMethods()); const courseRouter = require(“./routes/courses.router”); app.use(courseRouter.routes()).use(courseRouter.allowedMethods()); app.listen(3000); console.log(“server running on port 3000”); Backend – Dal – IndexJS const { MongoClient … Read more

powershell – Merge xml files and delete duplicates when certain line field value already exists

I have two XML files of the same structure, each with over 100,000 entries and would like to merge them. File1 shall be my source file and I only would like to add entries from File2 when the value of field VATRegistrationNumber does not already exists in File1. Lines with an empty VATRegistrationNumber still need … Read more

cmd – How to delete all files and folders in a directory respectively an entire directory tree except files specified in a list file?

Let us assume the list file G:ADmodsExclusion List.txt contains only file/folder names without path like: Cleanup.cmd Exclusion List.txt Folder to keep File not to delete.txt The batch file G:ADmodsCleanup.cmd can be used with the following command lines to delete all files and folders in directory of the batch file with exception of the files and … Read more

android – @Delete annotation in Room Database not working for lists

I have a TodoList App and I am trying to delete a list Completed tasks based on a strikeThrough over the task. I have set several Implementations to single out the Task that has a strikeThrough in it which I’m honestly not sure if it works properly but I definitely know something is wrong with … Read more

Pine script Array unable to delete previous label and text is displaying on top of each other, script plots text on break of bollinger

//@version=5enter code here`indicator(“Clean”, overlay=true) enter code hereshowlast = input(defval=false, title=”Show only Last Label”) enter code hereshowsignals = input.string(defval=”Full”, title=”Show Signal Names”, enter code hereoptions=[‘Full’, ‘Length’]) enter code herelen3=, minval=1, title=”Ma Length 1″) enter code herelen4=, minval=1, title=”Ma Length 2″) enter code herelen5=, minval=1, title=”Ma Length 3″) enter code herelen6=, minval=1, title=”Ma … Read more