Progressive Delivery With Argo Rollouts: Blue-Green Deployment

Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) have been widely adopted in modern software development enabling organizations to quickly deploy these software to customers. But doing it in the right way is equally important, as in some cases, unfinished code can lead to failures and customers have to face downtime. To solve this, progressive delivery … Read more

Continuous Delivery: Create Products Faster with Lower Risks

DevOps methodology continues to strengthen its position in programming. So-called “continuous” tools are among the most commonly used in the field. Such practices as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery allow you to constantly keep your code delivered into production as soon as any changes are made. This makes it possible to add new features in … Read more

How to Enhance ETA in Logistics?

Customer satisfaction is everything for each business since it directly influences the profit of organizations. The feedback affects each industry differently, depending on various criteria. For the transportation services, the reasons for users to keep utilizing the application might involve both standard requirements, like the user-friendly interface or full-fledged functionality, and something more specific, such … Read more