Domain-Driven Design Principles to Microservice

Microservices are the most scalable way of developing software. But you need a good design that lets developer teams work autonomously and deploy without stepping on each other’s toes; otherwise, you lose most of the scalability benefits. Domain-Driven Development allows us to plan a microservice architecture by decomposing the larger system into self-contained units, understanding … Read more

Spring, IoC Containers, and Static Code Principles

In this article, I would like to discuss the inversion of control patterns, static code (can be legacy or newly created) within an IoC framework like spring, and the issue of wiring utility methods in static code inside the IoC framework. Static Methods For example, we have an HttpUtils class with inside a bunch of … Read more

javascript – React Router with – Ant Design Sider: how to populate content section with components for relevant menu item

I’m trying to use AntD menu sider like a tab panel. I want to put components inside the content so that the content panel renders the related component when a menu item is clicked. How do I get this structure to take components as the content for each menu item? import React from ‘react’; import … Read more

Practicing Domain-Driven Design in C# | by Genny Allcroft | Jun, 2022

Key strategic and tactical considerations to take when building a new product with the domain-driven design concepts in mind Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash I have just finished reading Learning Domain-Driven Design by Vlad Khononov. It’s quite a short book (c. 300 pages) aiming to teach beginners all about domain-driven design. I wanted to … Read more

Key Design Elements for IoT Sensors

Internet of Things (IoT) sensors are now common in numerous industries. However, when decision-makers invest in those technologies, they want the assurance of well-designed products that meet their expectations. The people designing IoT sensors are primarily responsible for creating functional, safe, cost-effective products. Here are some vital things to remember as a sensor designer or … Read more

Difference Between Cross Browser & Resposive Test

We live in a digital world with many devices of all forms and sizes. And each of these gadgets has the ability to connect to the internet. As a result, the days of designing a website for a certain browser and not having to worry about element overlap are gone. The number of browsers and … Read more

Implement Coordinator Design Pattern Using Combine | by Zafar Ivaev | May, 2022

Navigate and pass data between screens reactively Photo by Linus Mimietz on Unsplash This article will learn how to create a reusable Coordinator library, which will be responsible for navigation inside your iOS apps. In short, this is what you will have learned by the end of the tutorial: What is a Coordinator design pattern … Read more

Design a CRUD Web Service for Inheritable Entity

Introduction Sometimes we need to develop a web service that provides CRUD (Creport, Rlead, Update, and Delete) operations for an entity that supports inheritance. However, the traditional layered architecture (controller layer, service layer, and repository layer) is not enough to have a clean and scalable code. Indeed, if we put the business logic and mapping … Read more