Prototype Pattern in JavaScript – DZone Web Dev

As a sound JavaScript developer, you must write clean, easy-to-understand, and maintain code. You solve exciting and unique problems that might not require unique solutions. You may have written code that resembles the solution to a complex problem you encountered before. Although you may not acknowledge it, you were using Design patterns. Design patterns refer … Read more

Design Pattern of Streaming Enrichment

Understanding the concept of streaming architecture Photo by Joao Branco on Unsplash Last time, we introduced streaming processing. In order to be able to handle batch and real-time data with a more pure infrastructure, we introduced Kafka and the streaming framework. In this article, we will introduce a common design pattern for streaming, enrichment, and … Read more

Here Is How To Develop UIs Faster in ReactJS

It’s 2022, and React has a huge ecosystem to help developers bring complex UIs to life faster. Furthermore, with the extensive support of ReactJS libraries, there is hardly any case when a developer has to build a component from scratch. However, not every ReactJS UI developer is aware of the best practices to build UIs … Read more

Design Patterns for Microservices Architectures

This is an article from DZone’s 2022 Microservices and Containerization Trend Report. For more: Read the Report Applications have been built with monolithic architectures for decades; However, many are now moving to a microservices architecture. Microservices architectures gives us faster development speed, scalability, reliability, the flexibility to develop each component with the best tech stack … Read more

Styling Icons in React, Part I. Some tips to design and style your… | by Massimo Cassandro | Aug, 2022

From design to code Some tips to design and style your React icons. From your vector editor through CSS, styled-components and… Photo by russn_fckr on Unsplash In my previous article on icons I have addressed some ways of managing a custom icon system. Now we will deal with the way to apply styles to monochromatic … Read more

What software developers should know about design: An interview with Soleio

Soleio is a software designer turned investor. As a former fund manager and now angel investor, he has backed some of the most successful tech startups of the last few years including Figma, Vanta, and Vercel. Soleio has a background in design, including work at Facebook and Dropbox where he led early design efforts. I … Read more

Big Data Processing, Apache Spark: Design Patterns

In my previous post, I demonstrated how Spark creates and serializes tasks. In this post, I show how to utilize this knowledge to construct Spark applications in a maintainable and upgradable way, where at the same time “task not serializable” exceptions are avoided. When I participated in a big data project, I needed to program … Read more

Responsive Design and jQuery Mobile

The source code The slides for the talk “Mobile First!” is the new cry of web designers worldwide. But how do you do it? Do you have to scrap all of your current web skills? Is it magic created by wizard-like designers which could never be understood by mere mortals? Believe it or not, with … Read more

Build Tier 1 Service that Is Resilient to Outages

Tier 1 services are critical to a company’s profitability. They address the primary use cases for the organization’s products or support its underlying vital infrastructures, such as a product search service for an e-commerce site, a content posting service for a social media app, or a payment processing framework. Building a robust Tier 1 service, … Read more