MSI unveils new desktop lineup with 13th-gen Intel processors

With Intel unveiling its 13th-generation Core processors for desktops today, many companies are eager to jump on board. MSI has introduced an upgraded range of desktop PCs featuring the Intel 13th-gen processors, as well as the Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 series GPUs that were announced on September 20th. The upgraded lineup includes the MPG Trident … Read more

Modernize Your Enterprise Desktop Strategy with Workspot on Google Cloud, Powered by Intel

New levels of desktop simplicity. No compromises. The workplace is evolving rapidly, and your enterprise desktop strategy needs to keep pace. Workspot Cloud PCs running on Intel-powered Instances in Google Cloud unlock new levels of simplicity, flexibility, and performance for the hybrid work world. Deliver a standout user experience. Scale effortlessly. And customize everything – … Read more

Introduction to Building Desktop Applications With

If you’re anything like me, you’re a big fan of JavaScript and its ecosystem, and you’ve been utilizing it to create excellent online apps using frameworks like React or fast web servers with NodeJS. You now want to create a desktop application but don’t want to learn a new programming language, or you want to … Read more

Fine-tuning GPT-J 6B on Google Colab, Equivalent Desktop or Server GPU | by Mike Ohanu | Jun, 2022

Fine-tuning a version of Eleuther AI’s model Credit: iLexx on Stock Photos | Electricity Transformer Natural Language Processing (NLP) has been revolutionized by recent research and the release of new transformer-based large language models(LLM) from the likes of OpenAI(GPT-2 and GPT-3), Eleuther AI (GPT-NEO and GPT- J), and Google (BERT, T5, PaLM). Large language models … Read more

Build a Desktop Sharing Application With Nodejs, Electron, and | by Wajiha Abid | Jun, 2022

Done in 3 steps What is a Desktop Sharing Application? Desktop sharing application is a product that allows remote access and remote collaboration on another person’s desktop through an interface provided on your desktop. A famous example of such software is anyDesk, TeamViewer etc. There is one more way of screen sharing in which we … Read more

The new MSI Titan GT77 is a desktop replacement with 16-core CPUs

After a small teaser last week, MSI has officially announced the latest iteration of its GT Titan series, the GT77 Titan, powered by the new Intel HX series processors and the latest Nvidia RTX graphics cards. Along with that, MSI also introduced a number of new gaming laptops powered by similar hardware, in addition to … Read more

listener – Detecting(Reading) Keyborad Keys on Flutter Desktop App Development

I’m working on a desktop application for Windows with Flutter. I want to listen to keyboard keys. I made a Login page and it has two TextFormFields, (one for Username and the other for Password). When I press the ‘enter’ key on the keyboard, I want the form to be submitted as I pressed on … Read more

Build desktop and mobile UIs with Blazor Hybrid apps

Microsoft’s commitment to a cross-platform world is perhaps one of the biggest changes to its development platform during the past few years. Its purchase of Xamarin kickstarted a sea change that’s brought us to today’s Visual Studio–powered development environment that brings in GitHub at one end and the cross-platform .NET 6 at the other, with … Read more