python – Detecting a collision between turtles/out of bounds/a line of the turtle and a turtle

So I’m coding a tron ​​game in turtle and the last part I need to do is to code the collisions between the turtles themselves, out of bound collisions, and collisions between the line made by the a turtle and the other turtle. I coded the out of bound collisions and they didn’t work, and … Read more

Detecting Microphone Input Levels in Your iOS Application | by Andronick Martusheff | Jun, 2022

Setting up audio capture in your apps Photo by Jonathan Velasquez on Unsplash If you’re familiar with setting up an Xcode project, skip ahead to “Setting up our Audio Capture Session”; otherwise, let’s get started on building our iOS sound detection app! Let’s start with creating our starter iOS application. After opening Xcode, and selecting … Read more

How a Simple Statistic Law Can Help Detecting Fraud With AWS and Python | by Alexandre Bruffa | May, 2022

Checking the validity of Benford’s law with Amazon Web Services and Python Illustration by Gianca Chavest Frank Benford was an electrical engineer known for rediscovering a statistical curiosity about the occurrence of digits in lists of data. This curiosity is known as Benford’s law or the law of anomalous numbers, and has applications in accounting … Read more