Windows 11 build 25182 is now available in the Dev channel with fixes

With another Wednesday comes another build of Windows 11 for Dev channel Insiders, and this time, we’re getting build 25182. This build is mostly focused on fixes, but it also comes alongside a couple of app updates for those enrolled in the Dev channel . These app updates aren’t tied to the new build, but … Read more

What Is Pydantic? – DZone Web Dev

Pydantic is a Python library for data modeling/parsing that has efficient error handling and a custom validation mechanism. As of today, Pydantic is used mostly in the FastAPI framework for parsing requests and responses because Pydantic has built-in support for JSON encoding and decoding. This article covers the following topics: Understanding BaseModel class Optional in … Read more

Key Takeaways: Adrian Cockcroft’s talk on Netflix, CD, and Microservices

One of the big draws of the O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference was Adrian Cockcroft’s talk, “Deliver Faster and Spend Less with Cloud Native Microservices.” Cockcroft is an experienced speaker on the conference circuit and he’s well-known as the architect who led Netflix into its new era of scale and agility. He now works for Battery … Read more

Flex for J2EE Developers: The Case for Granite Data Services

For developers having worked on J2EE web applications for many years, getting into Flex will seem both very fun and familiar of the simplicity and power of ActionScript and the UI framework, and quite tedious and frustrating when it comes to developing the core application logic and the server integration. In some ways, developing Flex … Read more

Build Tier 1 Service that Is Resilient to Outages

Tier 1 services are critical to a company’s profitability. They address the primary use cases for the organization’s products or support its underlying vital infrastructures, such as a product search service for an e-commerce site, a content posting service for a social media app, or a payment processing framework. Building a robust Tier 1 service, … Read more

5 Steps to Rethink High Severity to Save Developer Productivity

Sev-1s are sapping developer productivity. Security remediations occupy a growing portion of developers’ time. For their part, developers often resent spending time on code fixes rather than adding new features or shipping new versions. Their concern is justified. In 2021, nearly 35% of all published Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) were classified as critical (Sev-1). … Read more

The Challenges of Ajax CDN

For the longest time, hosting static files on CDNs was the de facto standard for performance tuning website pages. The host offered browser caching advantages, better stability, and storage on fast edge servers across strategic geolocations. Not only did it have performance benefits, but it was also convenient for developers. Recent developments, however, show that … Read more

Vanity Metrics for APIs vs Tracking Business Value

As an API product manager, you want your API to have a great developer experience. This means that developers can get up and running quickly, they get consistent behavior from your API, it’s easy for them to troubleshoot any errors they encounter, and your API makes it easy for them to address their business needs. … Read more