How to Develop a Simple Solidity Escrow Smart Contracts Using Hardhat | by Agustinus Theodorus | Jun, 2022

In this tutorial, we’ll create a simple escrow smart contract, test it, and deploy it on a Testnet using Hardhat. watercolor wallpaper vector created by Freepik Suppose you’re relatively new to the blockchain, no worries. First, we’ll review some of the fundamentals of Solidity and Hardhat before programming our smart contract step-by-step. At the end … Read more

Develop a Simple Rock Band Game With HTML and JavaScript | by Alvaro Montoro | Jun, 2022

Use the Gamepad API to build a music game for all levels In this article, we will learn how to develop a simple version of a Rock Band- or Guitar Hero-styled game using standard HTML and vanilla JavaScript. It is a short version of the workshop “Rocking the Gamepad API” that we did as part … Read more

Develop a Daily Reporting System for Chaos Mesh

Chaos Mesh is a cloud-native chaos engineering platform that orchestrates chaos experiments on Kubernetes environments. It allows you to test the resilience of your system by simulating problems such as network faults, file system faults, and Pod faults. After each chaos experiment, you can review the testing results by checking the logs. But this approach … Read more

Python: A Befitting Approach to Develop AI Web Apps

A Brief Account of Artificial Intelligence Before digging into the roots of why to develop AI web apps in Python, let’s the basics, including meaning, discover facts, and figures of Artificial Intelligence. Facts are the foundation of a robust success journey that proves that we are heading in the right direction. In the case of … Read more

Develop a Docker Containerized Python API With Terraform, Gitlab, Kubernetes, and AWS | by Luca Cesarano | May, 2022

A step-by-step guide to learning more about these platforms Photo by Isant Mishra on Unsplash Hello, internet! I participated in a DevOps assignment for an interview some months ago, and I decided to publish the solution I implemented, which led to me passing the technical step. Even though the opportunity wasn’t aligned to my needs … Read more

Develop XR With Oracle, Ep 3: Computer Vision AI

This is the third piece in a series on developing XR applications and experiences using Oracle and focuses on XR applications of computer vision AI and ML and its related use in the metaverse. Find the links to the first two articles below: As with the previous posts, here I will again specifically show applications … Read more

Teaching Kids Programming – Design and Develop an Apple Catching Game on Microbit using Python

Teaching Kids Programming: Videos on Data Structures and Algorithms We have actually developed and designed the Apple Catching/Eating Game on Microbit using Javascript: Microbit Programming: How to Make a Catching-Apple Game by Using Sprites Objects? Today, we are going to use the Python to re-implement the Game on Microbit. Actually we can switch the programming … Read more