Microsoft’s end-to-end Arm development environment is here at last

It’s been a long time coming, but Microsoft has finally delivered on its promise of a complete set of developer tools for Windows on Arm, from hardware to software, with support for Arm-specific platform features. It’s just in time, too, as the latest generation of Surface devices puts Microsoft’s Qualcomm-based SQ3 processor in the same … Read more

Ignite 2022: Making Azure your development hub

Microsoft’s latest Azure announcements echo Intel’s recent focus on the “developer cloud.” At this year’s Ignite, it’s describing Azure’s growing range of developer-centric tools as its own developer cloud, with a focus on building cloud-native applications that reach from GitHub to Visual Studio and out onto the Azure platform. A key part of Microsoft’s developer … Read more

What is the JDK? Introduction to the Java Development Kit

The Java Development Kit (JDK) is one of three core technology packages used in Java programming, along with the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and the JRE (Java Runtime Environment). It’s important to differentiate between these three technologies and understand how they’re connected: The JVM is the runtime that hosts running programs. The JRE is the … Read more

Intro to Redwood.js: Rapid application development with React

One of the biggest challenges of building a web application is choosing the technologies you’ll use and integrating them into a working stack. Redwood.js is a React-based framework that delivers an out-of-the-box stack, so you can just work with proven technologies that are already well integrated in the framework. Redwood.js units React, GraphQL, and Prisma … Read more

What Is Iterative and Incremental Development

Different types of projects have different management styles, organizational structures, and life cycles. There is no perfect one for each. Every project has its place, optimal balance, and development process, which can be either iterative, or with a high degree of change in the requirements and environment, or incremental, the one that delivers results on … Read more

Top Alternatives to Django for Web Development

One of the steadily growing popularity frameworks is Django. It has proven to be among the best web development means for developers. And in our development team, it is also a common part of many cases’ tech stacks. Thus, I’ve decided to overview what are the top alternatives to Django on the market and which … Read more

Software Testing Is Vital to the Development Cycle

Thorough testing is critical to the development of any software product. It can cost companies order of magnitude much more to fix a bug in the wild than if they’d caught it early in development. These bugs cost money, lose customers, and tarnish your brand. Trust in your brand is critically important in B2B software; … Read more

The Good and the Bad of .NET Development Framework

.NET development framework has gained a lot of popularity in the dev market. It is used by millions of developers to create a variety of software applications. The reason is that .NET offers a plethora of features to develop any type of software product as per the given requirements. Furthermore, the platform has seen great … Read more

How SaaS transforms software development

Back in the early days of the internet, there weren’t many internet applications. Instead, applications were overwhelmingly written for the Windows, Linux, and Macintosh operating systems. “Software delivery” often meant copying a binary to a server or building a blue-screen Windows installer and making that available on a CD-ROM to be sold in physical stores. … Read more