Testing Multi Experience Apps using Device Cloud

Multi-experience (MX) applications are shaping the future of web and mobile applications by making them more immersive and interactive. With multi-experience applications, users can interact with a brand or business in a variety of ways, using a variety of devices and platforms. Super-apps like WeChat and Paytm are growing in popularity because of the range … Read more

Device Detection in TypeScript. An easier way to test your app’s… | by Adrien Miquel | Jul, 2022

An easier way to test your app’s compatibility Amongst many aspects of web development, device detection looks quite easy. Reading User Agent provides lots of information about the context of browsing. Thanks to this informational string and appropriate Regular Expressions, you can retrieve the device kind, its operating system, and much more. Working with TypeScript … Read more

Which is the better device?

The Amazon Fire 7 and the Amazon Kindle have a common form factor, but they are two completely different beasts. One is a traditional tablet, while the other is a dedicated device meant for reading. The Amazon Fire 7 (2022) is the newest edition in Amazon’s tablet lineup, bringing several notable improvements such as a … Read more

What is Shizuku, and what can you do with it on your Android device?

The Android Debug Bridge, or ADB for short, is a handy development tool to interface with your phone for debugging and testing. Through ADB, developers and power users can access Android’s built-in Linux command line shell with greater privileges than user-installed apps. Notably, the ADB shell privilege is not equal to superuser access, hence you … Read more

automation – Unable to launch Calculator app on real android device using Appium

I am new to mobile automation and learning it using Appium on a real android device. I am just trying to open Calculator app on my android device. However I am unable to launch it. Below are the required code, Appium logs for the reference. Could you please let me know what wrong I am … Read more

android – Why does my three.js looks good on the computer, but the model render order is strangeness on the mobile device?

I new to THREE.js and I use Github uploaded my project, it looks good on my computer. But why? The model render order is strangeness on my cell phone. I guess the problem is z-fighting but i was shrink the model .It is useless . what can i do? On the computer it looks like: … Read more