android – Issue with calling setContentView(R.layout.activity_main) on some devices

I recently encountered an issue with running my application (monitoring kid’s phone location) on some Android device. It works well on the following devices: MI 5 SPlus (Android 8), Red Mi Note 3 Pro (Android 10), MI POCO X3(Android 10), Sony Xperia L (Android 4.4.2). And when I tried to run that application on Samsung … Read more

Practice on Pushing Messages to Devices of Different Manufacturers

Push messaging, with the proliferation of mobile Internet, has become a very effective way for mobile apps to achieve business success. It improves user engagement and stickiness by allowing developers to send messages to a wide range of users in a wide range of scenarios: taking the subway or bus, having a meal in a … Read more

How to install Android 13 on Google Pixel and other Android devices

Android 13 is currently available as a beta release. The flashaholics will be delighted to know that Google has already made the system images available for download. You can give it a shot right now if you’ve got the right hardware, but there aren’t as many supported devices this time around. All you’ve got to … Read more

6 Tips For Securing IoT Devices

When discussing the current state of play for the Internet of Things (IoT), a quote comes to mind: With great power comes great responsibility. Cybersecurity becomes even more critical as more devices enter our homes and workplaces and send and receive sensitive data. For example, in 2021, globally-connected devices grew by 9% to 12.3 billion. … Read more

MIUI 12 stable update rolling out to several Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO devices

MIUI 12 is the newest big release for Xiaomi smartphones, perhaps even bigger than an Android version jump. Features on Xiaomi devices are dictated more by their MIUI versions than the underlying Android version, so a MIUI version upgrade is an exciting event. This article will serve as the central repository of download links for … Read more

javascript – Assigning ScrollTo value cause unexpected flickering/blinking on iOS devices

The bounty expires in 18 hours. Answers to this question are eligible for a +100 reputation bounty. sdym wants to draw more attention to this question. We recently worked on an auto-scrolling while freely swipeable component using React.js. The implementation idea is inspired by this article And we’ve made something like this in … Read more

Download: MIUI Closed Beta for Xiaomi and Redmi devices [Update: April 21 PRE builds]

The latest version of Xiaomi’s custom Android skin – MIUI 13 – is finally here. The latest iteration of MIUI has been unveiled at the Xiaomi 12 launch event in China. Compared to MIUI 12/12.5, MIUI 13 brings in a slew of improvements, visual overhauls, and a handful of new features. We have already extracted … Read more