Top Salesforce Deployment Challenges and Tips

As Salesforce organizations strive to improve IT delivery, making it faster, more quality-focused, and secure, they continue to face deployment challenges. Increased customer demands and high velocity releases every now and then are creating bottlenecks for Salesforce enterprises. This is where you need to recognize the Salesforce deployment challenges your team is facing and finding … Read more

Internal Developer Platform in Plain English

Pros and Cons of Using Internal Development Platforms in the Cloud Computing World Internal Development Platform (IDP) is a brand new word in DevOps and product development. In this article, I’m explaining: What exactly IDP is How to involve it in your organization An overview of the existing IDP platforms on the market, their pros, … Read more

7 devops practices to improve application performance

Devops is primarily associated with the collaboration between developers and operations to improve the delivery and reliability of applications in production. The most common best practices aim to replace manual, error-prone procedures managed at the boundaries between dev and ops teams with more robust automations. These include automating the delivery pipeline with CI/CD (continuous integration … Read more

Salesforce DevOps – DZone DevOps

Companies have had to accelerate their business and evolve their Salesforce DevOps strategies in response to the pandemic. Every industry is meeting complex workflows and customer needs. What continues to be two major focus areas in Salesforce DevOps are – productivity and compliance. But many companies – whether early in their Salesforce DevOps journey or … Read more

Journey Into the Realm of DevOps: From Early Stage Adoption to Complex Architecture | by Christina DeStefano | Jun, 2022

When do companies begin to acknowledge “DevOps” as a culture? From Puppet’s State of DevOps 2021 You may go on LinkedIn and see positions open for DevOps Engineers. While the shoe may fit, putting the responsibility of upholding a DevOps-based culture falls within the entirety of an engineering department: QE Engineers, software developers, and security … Read more

Scriptless Test Automation – DZone DevOps

In today’s corporate environment, software testing is no longer regarded as an unnecessary business investment; rather, it has risen to the level of a need rather than a luxury. With the ongoing changes in the market and increased rivalry, it is critical for businesses to do something that sets them apart from their competitors. To … Read more

Kubernetes as Sustainability Tool – DZone DevOps

A wise man once said “We used the cloud for our digital transformation. Why not use it for a sustainability transformation as well?” (Adrian Cockcroft, VP Amazon Sustainability Architecture 2021). All major cloud providers have undertaken significant efforts to improve the sustainability of the cloud but the ultimate responsibility for sustainable use in the cloud … Read more

What is DevSecOps Compatible With?

What Is DevSecOps? DevSecOps is a collaborative effort by developers, security, and operations teams to get products to market securely and efficiently. This hybrid development and security model aims to address flaws that arise from the relegation of security to the end of the development process. It helps teams avoid rewriting buggy code, releasing insecure … Read more

DevOps vs. SRE — Their Differential Impact on Building Efficiency and Reliability

The software development life cycle has come a long way – from a non-overlapping development model – the Waterfall Model, to an iterative development model like Agile and DevOps. It’s interesting to notice that before the beginning of the DevOps movement (~2007-2008), SRE was born at Google (2003) to build the reliability and resiliency of … Read more