Displaying SQLite Data From the Flutter App on the iOS Home Screen | by Roman Cinis | Aug, 2022

Flutter vs. SwiftUI and Dart vs. Swift — from a Flutter developer’s perspective The background of this image is made by the starline Hey, devs! If you have already completed your Flutter project almost to perfection and are looking for other ways to improve UX when users work with your app (on iPhones, for example), … Read more

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I have a pretty simple use case – I have a global app context where I’m trying to store data fetched from an endpoint. My goal is to load this data into the context on app load and I’m going about it using the useReducer hook. I settled on the solution of calling an action … Read more

javascript – Still Having Issues Displaying Select Option in JS

var br = document.createElement(“br”); const dom = { $(id) { if (typeof id === ‘string’) return document.getElementById(id) return id }, add_event(el, type, f) { el = dom.$(el) if (!el.$events) el.$events = {} el.$events[type] = (el.$events[type] || []).push(f) el.addEventListener(type, f) }, add_script(js) { if (!js) return var script = document.createElement(‘script’) script.setAttribute(‘type’, ‘text/javascript’) script.text = js document.head.appendChild(script) … Read more

listview – Displaying specific items in a lisview from the api response Flutter

Good day everyone I want to display items from the api data in a listview on the next page on button submit, may you please help. I have managed to print the api data response in the console using response.data, now I just want to show certain items in a list, not all the data. … Read more

java – Problem displaying two fragments on top of each other – replace method in android

Although I used the “replace” method on the piece, the second part of the piece runs on the first part It should be noted that my code is only in (main activity) and there is no code in the second fragment section (I mean the “about” fragment here) (there is a fragment class by default) … Read more

vue.js – icons are not displaying properly – ag grid

<script> import {AgGridVue} from “ag-grid-vue”; import ‘ag-grid-enterprise’; import ‘ag-grid-community/dist/styles/ag-grid.scss’; import “ag-grid-community/dist/styles/ag-grid.css”; import “ag-grid-community/dist/styles/ag-theme-alpine.css”; import ‘ag-grid-community’; import TestsBar from ‘./TestsBar.vue’; export default { name: ‘App’, data() { return { columnDefs: null, rowData: null } }, name: “HealthCheckResults”, created(){ this.$http .get(“HealthCheckData/HealthResults”, { params: {executionType:this.executionType} }) .then(result => result.json()) .then(rowData => this.rowData = rowData ); this.$http .get(“HealthCheckData/HealthResultsByName”, { … Read more

Pine script Array unable to delete previous label and text is displaying on top of each other, script plots text on break of bollinger

//@version=5enter code here`indicator(“Clean”, overlay=true) enter code hereshowlast = input(defval=false, title=”Show only Last Label”) enter code hereshowsignals = input.string(defval=”Full”, title=”Show Signal Names”, enter code hereoptions=[‘Full’, ‘Length’]) enter code herelen3= input.int(50, minval=1, title=”Ma Length 1″) enter code herelen4= input.int(100, minval=1, title=”Ma Length 2″) enter code herelen5= input.int(200, minval=1, title=”Ma Length 3″) enter code herelen6= input.int(200, minval=1, title=”Ma … Read more