The Advanced Risk of Basic Roles In GCP IAM

Most GCP users know that granting basic roles is a really bad practice, but you may be surprised to learn that the risk is much more serious than it might seem because basic roles actually grant far more than what appears on the permissions list (which is already excessive, of course). For the owner role, … Read more

Don’t Underestimate Documentation – DZone Integration

Documentation Sounds Like an Annoying, Boring Thing Maybe you feel that documenting the project or your code is an extra annoying step. Often, documentation for projects is outdated and irrelevant. In such cases, most of the expertise is hidden in analysts or just developers. In this article I’ll try to explain why having a good … Read more

How to get specific documentation on particular git option(s)?

Documentation on specific git option(s) can be found by: bringing up the docs (eg man git-merge) and searching (scrolling down) until you find it. Example For git merge -srun man git-merge to bring up the docs, then scroll right down to the section on MERGE STRATEGIES: The merge mechanism (git merge and git pull commands) … Read more

fpdf2.5.2 : SVG support and borb

fpdf2 is a simple & fast PDF creation library for Python that I have been maintaining since mid-2020. In this article, I’m going to present some of the new features that landed since my last post on the subject. Hence, this will cover versions 2.5.0, 2.5.1 & 2 … fpdf2 is a simple & fast … Read more