Image Processing in Python — Draw Aesthetic Portraits Using Only Nails and a Thread | by Ilias Nahmed | Aug, 2022

Unleash the artist that lives within you. Marilyn Monroe by Georgia Fowler. Right photo by Author. Artists have become more and more creative, so much so that they might have us thinking: “how did they even know they could do that”. One way of drawing portraits that have become pretty famous on Instagram reels and … Read more

c++ – Can’t draw compatible target bitmap as effect to this compatible target

I want is to create backdrop-blur effect as in UWP apps in-app blur for my ui library, but stuck with it for a few days. For some reason, it either does not set backbuffer bitmap in SetInput method correctly, or in DrawImage call. The saddest thing is that backbuffer bitmap is actually valid, it could … Read more

cesium draw multiuple dynamic polygon with callbacks in javascript

I am having issue with creating Multiply Polygon with callback. for exmaple i have a triangle with points A, B, C and another triangle D, E, F. When i click on A,B or C polygon ABC appears and DEF disappers. when I click point D,E,F polygon ABC appears and ABC disappers. When i start application … Read more

javascript – Canvas 2D context really slow to draw hundreds or thousands of images

I’m trying to create a multiplayer jigsaw puzzle game. My first appoach was to use a <canvas> with a 2D rendering context, but the more I try, the more I think it’s impossible without switching to WebGL. Here is an example of what I got: In this case I’m rendering a 1900×1200 pixel image cut … Read more

python – how can i solve the missing player score argument form the draw leaderboard function

main(this is the code that creates my games and creates a score): # importing package import turtle import random import sys import time import leaderboard as lb # set the background color of the turtle screen backround = turtle.Screen() backround.bgcolor(“forest green”) backround.tracer(False) backround.setup(600,8000) #score configureation score = 0 leader_names_list = [] leader_scores_list = [] leaderboard_file_name … Read more