Apple’s Dynamic Island creates more problems than it solves for me

Apple’s classic cocktail of convenience and cover up on the Dynamic Island. Love it or hate it, you probably have strong feelings about Apple’s Dynamic Island. I have to hand it to Apple for embracing a cutout and turning it into something you’re willing to open your wallets for. It’s a very “Apple way” of … Read more

The unfolding of the Notch and Dynamic Island’s birth

Apple, like many other companies, makes major tweaks to its smartphone line once every few years. So users get one significant hardware overhaul occasionally, followed by tweaks and incremental changes in the following releases. That’s the cycle of tech life with Apple. You can’t expect the Cupertino firm — despite its rather unlimited resources — … Read more

Developing Dynamic NFTs. Ever wanted to create an NFT that… | by Johan De Coster | Jun, 2022

Ever wanted to create an NFT that reacts to real-world events and data? Now you can, with Chain Link Oracles. Let’s check out how this can be done! Photo by Choong Deng Xiang on Unsplash Remark: Unfortunately, Chain Link Oracle is only set up on the Kovan testnet, while the OpenSea testnet is on Rinkeby. … Read more

Windows 11 build 25158 brings even more dynamic widget content

Microsoft is rolling out a new build of Windows 11 for Insiders enrolled in the Dev channel, that being build 25158. The main new addition in this build is expanding on the dynamic widget content Microsoft introduced in build 25136. Now, the Widgets button on the taskbar can display a notification badge to warn you … Read more

Python operator is not being called in dynamic subdag in Airflow

I have created a subdag dynamically. Everything working properly, main_dag is running fine. Its PythonOperator function is being called. But Python callable in Subdag are not being called. Kindly help me. As I am new to Airflow, so got and merged this code from different sources. from airflow import DAG from airflow.operators.bash_operator import BashOperator from … Read more

Kubernetes GraphQL Dynamic Query in Go | by Stefanie Lai | Jun, 2022

Play some magic with client-go DiscoveryClient In the first episode of Kubernetes GraphQL Query in Go, we built the server code using GraphQL to query Pods in a cluster. However, such queries are poor in flexibility and scalability since the definitions of the related graphql.Feilds are all hard-coded, which needs refactoring. So here comes the … Read more

python – rvest – and rselenium to extract dynamic dropdown menu items

I am trying to collect some menu information from a website but I am getting a little stuck on extracting correctly the dropdown menu items. I want the following items: etc. for each of the drop-down menus on the distritos page. However, when we get down to centre badalona there is no drop-down menu so … Read more

Dynamic module stuck at downloaded android

I’m trying to implement dynamic module in my android project. I’ve made one activity with 2 fragments. 1st fragment is install time module and 2nd fragment is downloaded on demand. I’ve written the code by referring to online documents but for some reason my application is not installing the demand module. Following is the code … Read more

cesium draw multiuple dynamic polygon with callbacks in javascript

I am having issue with creating Multiply Polygon with callback. for exmaple i have a triangle with points A, B, C and another triangle D, E, F. When i click on A,B or C polygon ABC appears and DEF disappers. when I click point D,E,F polygon ABC appears and ABC disappers. When i start application … Read more