MongoDB vs DynamoDB Head-to-Head – DZone Database

Databases are a key architectural component of many applications and services. Traditionally, organizations have chosen relational databases like SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and Postgres. Relational databases use tables and structured languages ​​to store data. They usually have a fixed schema, strict data types, and formally-defined relationships between tables using foreign keys. They’re reliable, fast, and … Read more

MySQL to DynamoDB: Build a Streaming Data Pipeline on AWS Using Kafka

This is the second part of the blog series which provides a step-by-step walkthrough of data pipelines with Kafka and Kafka Connect. I will be using AWS for demonstration purposes, but the concepts apply to any equivalent options (eg running these locally in Docker). This part will show Change Data Capture in action that lets … Read more

AWS DynamoDB Global Secondary Indexes | by Piotr Mol | Jun, 2022

Extend your access patterns with ease Photo by Cookie the Pom on Unsplash We all are very familiar with the Relational Database Systems. We know how to work with them. What are the best practices, and we know what we can do with them. But RDBMS has problems when the load becomes bigger. With a … Read more