Filter JavaScript objects the easy way with Arquero

There are many advantages to coding in JavaScript, but data wrangling probably isn’t near the top of that list. However, there’s good news for those who find JavaScript data wrangling a challenge: The same “grammar-of-data” ideas behind the hugely popular dplyr R package are also available in JavaScript, thanks to the Arquero library. Arquero, from … Read more

How to run AutoCAD on a Chromebook in two easy ways

It’s a common misconception that Chromebooks aren’t capable of running powerful software found on PCs or Macs. If you’re an engineering student, you might need to run some fairly intensive applications on your laptop. Chromebooks are a great solution for students because they’re secure and cost-effective. If you’re an engineering student using a Chromebook, you … Read more

An Easy Way to Get Your Own Binary Repository

A Binary Repository Manager (BRM), according to Wikipedia, is “a software tool designed to optimize the download and storage of binary files used and produced in software development”, such as .jar, .tar, or .zip archives. Being a critical component of most DevOps toolchains, BRM resides right after the build pipeline. It is why it is … Read more

Easy OpenPGP With PGPainless – DZone Java

When it comes to encryption, Bouncy Castle is probably the most popular library in the Java ecosystem. It has great algorithm support and is actively maintained. However, when trying to use it to add OpenPGP support to your application, you quickly find yourself digging through StackOverflow posts with walls of hard-to-read source code. To even … Read more

How to Build a Custom Application Bar for Your Windows Phone App (the Easy Way)

There is nothing quite like building the perfect customized application bar to help you feel like you have made something truly special for your users. Indeed, many users report that they appreciate the efforts that companies go through to create useful utilities within the products that they already use. A customized application bar is a … Read more

So what happened to this place?

July 1st, 2022, 12:14 AM #1 So what happened to this place? It seems kinda dead. Is there anybody from the 2000’s around. Hello Brad if you are … Read more

Data Transformation on TiDB Made Easy

Data build tool (dbt) is a popular open-source data transformation tool that enables analytics engineers to transform data in their warehouses through SQL statements. The TiDB community recently released the dbt-tidb adapter to make TiDB a distributed SQL database to work with dbt. Through the dbt-tidb plug-in, analytics engineers working with TiDB can directly create … Read more

iOS 16 makes it easy to meme your friends, or create YouTube thumbnails

When I tested the developer beta version of iPadOS 16 last week, I gave the bulk of the attention to the new “Stage Manager” feature, which when paired with (also new) external display support, fundamentally changes what an iPad can become. But there was another feature I briefly touched on that has plenty of potential: … Read more

Chaining Vulnerabilities of an iOS App — Reverse Engineering Made Easy | by Vishal Singh | Jun, 2022

Know how an application works under the hood Photo by Windows on Unsplash We will look at how iOS application vulnerabilities can be chained together to get an insight into how the application works and move towards gathering knowledge that will help us create a working tweak/exploit to modify the application’s runtime behavior. Let’s get … Read more