How to Reduce Cloud Cost by 99% for EDA Kafka Apps

While the cloud offers great convenience and flexibility, the operational cost for applications in the cloud can sometimes be significant. This article shows a way to substantially reduce operating costs in latency-sensitive Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) Java applications by migrating from Kafka to Chronicle Queue open-source, a more resource-efficient and lower-latency queue implementation. What is EDA? … Read more

Event Mesh: Point-to-Point EDA – DZone Integration

In watching the 2022 EDA Summit presentation “Powering Your Real-Time, Event-Driven Enterprise with PubSub + Platform“ by Shawn McAllister, CTO of Solace (sponsor of the Summit), I learned from the origins of his company. This article recounts his presentation with my personal synopsis. As he recounted, let’s “start with capital markets…where Solace started.” Presentation Highlights … Read more