html – How do I fix navbar hover effect without breaking the animation?

Long story short: Is it possible to make the hover effect appear inside the animation box without going out of the border? Right now it’s because of the .menu li having a display: flex. Without it, animation breaks. I am pretty sure I’m doing something wrong but I haven’t been able to figure it out. … Read more

javascript – Minesweeper checkerboard effect

One way to achieve alternating shades of green or brown for your Minesweeper is with the following CSS technologies: We can start by setting the color of your tiles based on some dynamic custom properties: #board div { background-color: hsl(var(–hue) var(–sat) var(–lightness)); } Let’s declare the default values ​​for our tiles (green): #board div { … Read more

ios – Using geometry effect results in “Multiple inserted views in matched geometry group Pair” warnings

When I use matched geometry view modifier I sometimes get the following warning multiple times with different values ​​for ‘first’: Multiple inserted views in matched geometry group Pair<Int, ID>(first: 42, second: SwiftUI.Namespace.ID(id: 84)) have `isSource: true`, results are undefined. The error appears after I click the ‘newGame’ button (for exactly three times in a row) … Read more