c++ – Can’t draw compatible target bitmap as effect to this compatible target

I want is to create backdrop-blur effect as in UWP apps in-app blur for my ui library, but stuck with it for a few days. For some reason, it either does not set backbuffer bitmap in SetInput method correctly, or in DrawImage call. The saddest thing is that backbuffer bitmap is actually valid, it could … Read more

html – How do I fix navbar hover effect without breaking the animation?

Long story short: Is it possible to make the hover effect appear inside the animation box without going out of the border? Right now it’s because of the .menu li having a display: flex. Without it, animation breaks. I am pretty sure I’m doing something wrong but I haven’t been able to figure it out. … Read more

javascript – Minesweeper checkerboard effect

One way to achieve alternating shades of green or brown for your Minesweeper is with the following CSS technologies: We can start by setting the color of your tiles based on some dynamic custom properties: #board div { background-color: hsl(var(–hue) var(–sat) var(–lightness)); } Let’s declare the default values ​​for our tiles (green): #board div { … Read more

ios – Using geometry effect results in “Multiple inserted views in matched geometry group Pair” warnings

When I use matched geometry view modifier I sometimes get the following warning multiple times with different values ​​for ‘first’: Multiple inserted views in matched geometry group Pair<Int, ID>(first: 42, second: SwiftUI.Namespace.ID(id: 84)) have `isSource: true`, results are undefined. The error appears after I click the ‘newGame’ button (for exactly three times in a row) … Read more