javascript – How to toggle display style using vanilla JS on multiple elements

I would do this by using this CSS rule to show the answers rather than changing their style inline: .expanded .answer { display: block; } …and then using event delegation on the .card element that contains the FAQ to catch clicks anywhere within it; if the click passed through a sectiondo this: If the section … Read more

dataframe – Isolating elements from a specific column using R

I’ve been experimenting with the TikTok Scraper tool ( for a little while and, while I’m not an expert, I’ve been using R for some of the More simples analysis of the scraped data, but I’ve been experiencing issues with the scraped hashtags. Whenever I scrape data from, let’s say, an specific hashtag, I receive … Read more

Extracting Lazily Loaded Elements for UI Testing in a SwiftUI iOS App | by Andronick Martusheff | Jun, 2022

Build robust SwiftUI apps Photo by Devon Janse van Rensburg on Unsplash Lazy loading is a powerful optimization technique used by online apps where data is loaded on-demand, and not monolithically. Online apps are constantly sending and receiving data, and any means of cutting down the amount of unnecessarily transacted data is beneficial to both … Read more

Key Design Elements for IoT Sensors

Internet of Things (IoT) sensors are now common in numerous industries. However, when decision-makers invest in those technologies, they want the assurance of well-designed products that meet their expectations. The people designing IoT sensors are primarily responsible for creating functional, safe, cost-effective products. Here are some vital things to remember as a sensor designer or … Read more

XSLT insert 2 distinct elements in XML problem

Following is my original XML <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <SyncItemMaster> <ApplicationArea> <Sender> <LogicalID schemeVersionID=”″>lid://in.m4.m4</LogicalID> <ComponentID schemeVersionID=”″>M4BEX</ComponentID> <ConfirmationCode>OnError</ConfirmationCode> </Sender> <CreationDateTime>2021-06-17T18:42:31.420Z</CreationDateTime> <BODID>e99a31bc-4ad5-45e1-a27b-10b27b9511c6</BODID> </ApplicationArea> <DataArea> <ItemMaster> <ItemMasterHeader> <Description>JADE COLL 5-5/8 X 48 W/PAD</Description> <Description type=”ShortName”>4MM GEMCORE ARCTIC 12MIL</Description> <Classification> <Codes> <Code listID=”Item Groups” sequence=”1″>00006002</Code> </Codes> </Classification> <Classification> <Codes> <Code sequence=”1″ listID=”Item Types”>E01</Code> </Codes> </Classification> <UserArea> <Property> <NameValue name=”Free1″>679QB</NameValue> </Property> … Read more