How to become a cloud engineer

For many companies, the shift to the cloud has been sudden and all-encompassing, and it’s left their IT departments with a cloud-skills gap. That gap ensures that cloud engineers are in high demand. Training as a cloud engineer could be a smart move for people in traditional IT roles, says staffing firm Robert Half, even … Read more

8 Ways To Accelerate Self-Directed Learning as a Software Engineer | by Jessie Auguste | Aug, 2022

Grow your skills every day Photo by Christina on Unsplash As an engineer, you’ll constantly learn to keep up with technological changes. How can you do that in a way that works best for you? Put the time into levelling up your self-directed learning skills. “Self-directed learning is a learning method whereby the student … Read more

Staying Relevant as a Frontend Engineer | by Davi Albuquerque Vieira

Keep yourself up-to-date It’s exhausting, I agree. Every year… Actually, every month (or day) a new tool is released. We are being hit by new libraries and frameworks all the time. State management, CSS processors, forms, reactive programming, etc. Before I finish learning a framework, two new versions of the same one were released! What … Read more

What I Have Understood About DevOps

When I first heard the term DevOps, What I understood from my peers is that, “The process of deploying the application in any environment (dev/QA/prod) is called DevOps. It’s just another synonym for operations.” As a novice programmer, I was like “Okay, Cool! , It’s just another buzzword floating around in the IT industry.” People … Read more

Test Management for QA Engineers

The projects that a QA Engineers participate can range from small maintenance projects, emergency fixes ( spanning 1-2 days or less), mid-range projects(spanning weeks or months) to full-scale large projects) can last up to a year or more). While each of these projects may differ in terms of testing efforts and resources, they all adhere … Read more

7 Tips for Using Instrumentation and Metrics

Before the acceleration of modern DevOps practices, software engineers primarily wrote code. Now the job is so much more — from getting production-ready apps and iterating quickly to scale new services to architecting system compatibility and compliance and reliability — which has elevated the need for exceptional instrumentation. But what does great instrumentation involve and … Read more

A Lesson in Confidence: What I’ve Learned From Working at Google as a Software Engineer | by Zachary Allegretti | Jun, 2022

I wish I knew these things when I started Photo by author This coming July marks my 3rd year at Google. With my approaching Googleversary, I’ve been muting about my journey from an anxious new grad to a prosperous SWE. I joined in 2019 right after graduating from The Ohio State University with a BS … Read more

Consequences of Bad Data – DZone Big Data

You may not have heard the term data downtime, but I’m willing to bet you’ve experienced it and the cost of bad data firsthand. Urgent ping from your CEO about “missing data” in a critical report? Duplicate tables wreaking havoc in your Snowflake warehouse, all titled some variation of “Mikes_Table_GOOD-V3.”? Or, perhaps you’ve unintentionally made … Read more

10 Things I Would Have Liked To Know When I Started Working as a Software Engineer | by Axel Dietrich | Jun, 2022

5. Ask for help (and code reviews), software engineers like to help others The first job as a Software Engineer is one of the most exciting and stressful moments of your career. The work environment is nothing like university. It’s when you improve the most and most rapidly because you have the most experience and … Read more

The Best Questions I Received From Software Engineer Interns This Summer | by Lindsay Zhou | Jun, 2022

And answers to help you make the most of your internship Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash It’s summer, which means that it’s intern season, and for the first time in my life, I get to sit on the other side of the line as a full-time employee. The first wave of interns at the … Read more