html – javascript music player covering entire width of website, how do i change width to make it much smaller

document.querySelector(‘.playpause’).addEventListener(‘click’, playpause); function playpause() { if (document.querySelector(‘.playpause’).innerHTML == ‘<i class=”fas fa-play”></i>’) { document.querySelector(‘#musicsrc’).play(); document.querySelector(‘.playpause’).innerHTML = ‘<i class=”fas fa-pause”></i>’; } else { document.querySelector(‘#musicsrc’).pause(); document.querySelector(‘.playpause’).innerHTML = ‘<i class=”fas fa-play”></i>’; } } #musicplayer { display: grid; grid-template-columns: 18px auto; align-items: center width: 90px; height: 24px; font-size: 11px; font-family: kosugi; color: #955136; line-height: 200%; background: white; border: 2px solid … Read more

cmd – How to delete all files and folders in a directory respectively an entire directory tree except files specified in a list file?

Let us assume the list file G:ADmodsExclusion List.txt contains only file/folder names without path like: Cleanup.cmd Exclusion List.txt Folder to keep File not to delete.txt The batch file G:ADmodsCleanup.cmd can be used with the following command lines to delete all files and folders in directory of the batch file with exception of the files and … Read more